So now my darling baby Harley is now 7 months old. Over the past few months I have observed some of the weirdest, wackiest, and just plan disgusting habits of my little Pemmie girl.


Lets start with the weird:

She follows me absolutely everywhere. She never leaves me side and this even means when I go to take a shower. She jumps up on the edge of the tub and likes to stick her head in the shower to see what I am doing. When I step out she starts to lick the water off of my legs! She also enjoys to lick lotion off my arms after I have rubbed it in. Just plain odd!



She hides things and hoards. Every time I give her a bone/treat/some toys, she will take them and hide them. Her favorite place to hide bones is in my bed! I've woken up to a bone poking me in the butt. Not the nicest thing to wake up too -,- She also likes to hide things in her crate, in her cat brother's cat bed, and under the futon. Last week I got down and crawled under the futon and found a MOTHERLOAD of toys!


Now for just the plan disgusting:

She eats kitty litter, kitty poop, and deer poop! Yes, I tell her no; Yes, I clean out the poop on a daily basis... but that does not stop her from lapping up a few pieces of the litter. It just makes me facepalm! and then just to put the icing on the cake... she will sometimes lick the toilet. ugghhh GROSS!!!


Do any of you observe any weird, wacky, and disgusting habits of your corgis?


-- Caitlin & Harley

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Listen, my first corgi Chloe would follow me all over the house so I was use to this. She never watched me take a shower, but Solomon will place his nose up against the shower door and while I take a shower I look down to see him staring at me with that corgi "shark" stare. When I first got Solomon this would freak me out. I would yell at my husband to come get him but he would not leave until I got out. Chloe was a girl and Solomon is a boy and that just gave me the hebbie jebbies!!!!! Now I just ignore him or laugh to see that little face staring so intently.
@Debra, Solomon & Chloe, I wouldn't worry and get the heebie jeebies from Solomon. He's a corgi. He's doing his job, herding and making sure he knows where you are. He's not a peeping tom! haha. He just loves you and is comforted being there with you. The shower may seem scary to him and he just wants to be there to protect you.

Lets see here....

  1. Eat's goose poop
  2. Throws toys,balls or food around to play with them and entertain herself.
  3. Barks and raises hackles when attempting to play, acting like a " Big Dog "...tail still wagg's like crazy though.
  4. Growls softly to answer questions, including going outside.
  5. Gives hug's with her paws.
  6. Sleeps with her butt to the pillow ( attempts to right this is futile).
  7. Passes gas at inapproperate times ( Holliday dinners, family dinners, parties..ect).
  8. Belches loudly after dinner..
  9. Selectivly listens to commands.
  10. Plays favorites... that is will make rounds around the house to get treats.
  11. Hordes toys, especially loves my socks after a long hard days walk in them.
  12. Examines the mouthes of other dogs for food, hoping I think to extract that last little food particle that may have been left. This is especially frightning with large breed dogs...
  13. Cleans other dogs inside ears by licking them clean.
  14. Enjoys a good shreading of paper, especially college homework.

I think that's about it thus far... really lucky I suppose she dosen't have any uber bad habbits thus far.



Don and Crew

@ Don - You painted a great picture of your corgi girl. I love her already. You're a lucky guy. But, does anyone know why corgis want to snuggle with their butt toward their owners' face. I love Lucy to snuggle...but I'd much prefer her head next to my head. I actually taught her that "Turn around. I don't want your butt in my face." She understood, and would correct her snuggle position for about 5 min! Oh well, I just love a warm corgi sleeping next to me. Somehow I always imagine that she's sleeping with her head toward my pillow. But, of course, when I awake, I see it's hardly her head there! Jack thinks it's a herding thing, and she is wanting to be looking out for intruders. Does anyone have an answer for corgis sleeping butt-backward, at least to my way of thinking! haha.

I'm not too sure on the butt thing, but the passing gas at inaproperate times includes sleeping. The wet nose I can deal with..can even deal with the wet willy in the morning...the gas is something seriously wrong.
Though I will admit she can clear out the room in the morning and almost promises breakfest after a bit of a gromble from the human slave that serves her on a daily basis.

Oh, check out her pictures as well if you haven't already....she gets lots of compliments on her coloration and the shaved part on her leg from the last vet experience were calling a " Beauty Mark" so her feelings aren't hurt :).


Don and Crew.

@ Don - For a petite corgi, Lucy's SBDs are deadly. Really awful. TG she doesn't let any fly at night or we'd have to put her in the doghouse. They could wake the dead.
Glad Bevy isn't the ONLY weirdo who puts her mouth in other dogs' mouths.. But she does it to cats and people too :)

Awww, this is soooo normal to Corgis!  We have 4, they are hoarders, love to flip chewies in the air to entertain themselves,  Hank the Cowdog loves to lay on the rug in front of the shower while I am showering. They love to do figure 8's when they want to play.  Around the pool table straight to Scott's chair, around his chair, back to the pool table as fast as they can go! They do follow us all over the place, wanting another Corgi adventure!  We are ranchers, so there is so much out there to do!  Yup, they also roll in the nastiest stuff.  They eat the nastiest stuff, this spring it is afterbirth! YUK! If I catch them eating yukky stuff I tell them YUK!  They will drop it, but I have to catch them first.  They love the taste of lotion and will lick it off my hands/arms.  They see a brush in my hand and they take off.  When their little bellies get filthy from eating afterbirth in the muddy corrals and I have to "rinse" them, Hank will take off.  The other three will give me the look "do I Really Have To?" and will put up with it.  Corgis are so amazing and so full of personality.  I wouldn't own another breed of dog. :)  OH!  and did I mention, Joey loves to sleep on our bed with his head on our pillows!  Katie sleeps at the foot of the bed perpendicular to us!  So we have no room to sleep!


To finish my comment, all 4 like to anticipate our every move, sometimes to the point of tripping over them going UP the stairs.  Bevy will sit on my chest and talk to me.  Bevy also likes to eat Mandy's underwear.  If we have to lock them up in the house, Bevy will strew garbage all over the house, therefore we lock her in Mandy's room, close the bathroom door (where the garbage can is) and hide the underwear.  Makes less mess that way.  Joey gives "love lurps", will sloooowly lick my hand, then stop, then slowly lick again.  They ALL like to "go" whether we go chase cows, go to town, whatever.  Joey will sit in Scott's lap in the driver's seat and "love lurp" the window, the steering wheel, Scott's hand. When you say "deer" he sits up like a gopher.  I buy chewies by the HUGE bag, it seems we go through them pretty fast until I see a pile of them hidden behind a door.  This is what I can think of off the top of my head, give me an hour or two and I can think of a million more :)
And Joey loves to sleep between Scott and I with his head on our pillow, gently snoring in our face :)

I can totally relate to the chewing thing too.  Right now I have to pick up all of my books or one will be in pieces all over my house when I get home.  Nothing seems to be Corgi proof!


@Kathy - I know that Ricky-Rafa does that licking me and pauses, like he's counting how many kisses, and then starts to lick some more. We can't say the word "squirrel" bec. Lucy goes wacko, and if Lucy barks RR must bark, too, and run to her side. If I say the word "what" to anyone, Lucy starts barking and looking around the room. The two of them frap all the time but Lucy can't frap w/o barking the entire time. I trip over them all the time. They're always underfoot, and anticipating our every move. Jack waters in a certain order outside, and he's so OCD, he does it in the same order. Lucy knows when he's just about finished and is already waiting for him at the next watering station. RR could care less as long as he gets some water on him. I told Jack if we had 4 they'd be: Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel. But then we'd probably have to get a Little Ricky. haha. I think we're sticking to 2. Lucy runs in circles when she wants to play. RR just keeps bopping her head and body with his nose when he wants to play. And yes, they both snore! Ya gotta love them. They're more fun to watch than TV. And RR loves to watch TV. My first corgi to ever do that...& they both roll in everything including dead worms.


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