So now my darling baby Harley is now 7 months old. Over the past few months I have observed some of the weirdest, wackiest, and just plan disgusting habits of my little Pemmie girl.


Lets start with the weird:

She follows me absolutely everywhere. She never leaves me side and this even means when I go to take a shower. She jumps up on the edge of the tub and likes to stick her head in the shower to see what I am doing. When I step out she starts to lick the water off of my legs! She also enjoys to lick lotion off my arms after I have rubbed it in. Just plain odd!



She hides things and hoards. Every time I give her a bone/treat/some toys, she will take them and hide them. Her favorite place to hide bones is in my bed! I've woken up to a bone poking me in the butt. Not the nicest thing to wake up too -,- She also likes to hide things in her crate, in her cat brother's cat bed, and under the futon. Last week I got down and crawled under the futon and found a MOTHERLOAD of toys!


Now for just the plan disgusting:

She eats kitty litter, kitty poop, and deer poop! Yes, I tell her no; Yes, I clean out the poop on a daily basis... but that does not stop her from lapping up a few pieces of the litter. It just makes me facepalm! and then just to put the icing on the cake... she will sometimes lick the toilet. ugghhh GROSS!!!


Do any of you observe any weird, wacky, and disgusting habits of your corgis?


-- Caitlin & Harley

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Well Lucy always moves to Jack's pillow or mine as soon as one of us gets out of bed. That's the only time her head's on the pillow. Usually she sleeps between us, but, butt backwards, with her head facing the foot of the bed. Does anyone have corgis that like to snuggle that way? Jack thinks maybe she's being a good herder and facing outward to see anything or anyone that enters our room. Who knows? All I know is I wish she would sleep in a more conventional and snuggly way. Here's a shot Lucy sleeping butt backwards with Jack. LOL, she's shameless!



Baron -


1. loves to clean up kitty litter from the floor.

2. Eats cat/bird poop

3. Most favorite is dried up road kill.


Stalks my husband till he breaks down and gets out the laser light.

Stalks, growls, barks at:  trash cans, watering cans, balloons.





omg this is too funny: the barking parts.  I thought it was strange that my Corgi would bark at branches and lawn figures.  Sometimes she literally barks at nothing. I swear it's just to bark for barking's sake!
So does Baron.  I think he likes to hear himself bark.
I think my little boy can see things that are not there like: rocks could be sheep! and oh no the plastc bag on the side of the road that could be a wolf the way he barks. And one would thing there is a moster coming to life when a leaf blows by! hehe

Ginger bakrs at things that aren't there.  I just ask her if the fairies are bothering her :)

Sounds like you know my baby Hunny well!  She does all of these things.  She just plain loves water so she'll try to get at the water while I'm in the shower.  When she gets a bone, she will first walk around whining (literally) and try to find a place to hide it....sometimes Mommy is the best place!  Outside on walks she will go for the poo....gross!


I think the typical Corgi does these things all the time 

Our Corky is about the same age.  He loves to dry us off after the shower and lick off my lotion.  I wonder if it is a phase.

Hi Caitlin,


None of this is unusual or even weird, just what animals do. Just the other day I saw Petey looking at me in bewilderment as I passed up a pile of horse poop without so much as sniffing it, much less settling in for a large, convenient meal. Petey was a regular fan of jack rabbit pearls when we lived in Santa Fe. I didn't like him to eat it but the desert is literally covered in rabbit droppings so good luck with that. But, I never saw him get sick from it and, after all, he won't eat a mushroom for anything even though I do. As for not leaving you alone, ever, you must realize that you own a herding dog and herders keep track of their flock, in this case you. They love to watch bathing and be near water (Petey is always in the bathroom when I shower, no preventing that!) and they love, love, love lotion! I now accept things I never thought I could in the past (let's just talk about the profuse hair everywhere for starters...) but think I'm a better person for the experience, more open and tolerant than I once was. It's been a useful set of lessons. It's also very natural for dogs to hide things they plan to keep and use at some later point. Dogs have evolved in a very competitive natural world and what isn't hidden is stolen or eaten by some other creature, they don't think about the fact that there isn't a reason to worry about competition in your house. So, enjoy your corgi and expand your world! :) By the way, Pete is almost 11 and still loves body lotion!


Jake, my red Pemmy, was into the cat box dinning and we simply trained him not to go in that room.  His munching in the common dog areas seems to have passed but we're not sure.  I would guess that he's grown out of it but it has been suggested that it's something missing in their diet.  (I'm not sure WHAT could be missing after a little kitty munching..)

Arthur, our tri, hoards a little.  He has a pile of around 8 bones in the corner of the living room.  He protects it from Jake but doesn't get too upset.  If Jake borrows one Arthur will simply get it back later.

The following is just puppy think.  Even our cats do it, it's not quite the same but my wife seems to like it.


Bear likes to drink my bath water while I'm still in it.  He also assists with drying off if he's allowed to do so.

He is also our morning alarm.  Also known as the "blarm."  He starts by whining at the side of the bed of whomever's alarm is going off.  He'll then go to the other side to see if maybe that person will help.  This progresses to jumping up on the side of the bed to whine closer to you.  If that doesn't work it then progresses to jumping up on the bed and getting his nose under the covers for a cold nose/lick fest to get you moving.

He barks at his reflection in the sliding glass door.

He also bucks around in circles like a bucking bull while chucking his rawhide.  We've learned to take cover when this is happening!

Sounds like a normal corgi . Mine likes the horse manure also, but at  least thats not as bad as dog poop. My likes to lick the lotion to, but i read thats very harmful to them. To many chemicals in lotion and scents, that are not good. So i don't let them anymore. But enjoy all their wacky and weird habits, they keep us entertained.



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