I'm writing this with throbbing fingers (from being chewed on) and an extremely frustrated state of mind. The first two or three times I ever clipped Hannah's nails were a breeze. She didn't fight me at all and seemed interested in the whole process. However, it's been nothing but a huge struggle and a major hassle since then. Mind you, I never accidentally clipped any nails too short or anything else that would cause such a change in behavior. However, when I try to do it now, it's a nightmare. She will sometimes let me grasp her paw without struggle, but the minute the clippers touch her nail, all hell breaks loose. She doesn't snap at me, but she does try to chew my fingers off my hand in the process.

Even enlisting the help of a third party has done no good. I touch her feet all the time. I let her see the clippers, smell them, and lick them when we aren't actually using them. I've tried using really awesome treats during clippings. I just don't understand. I really don't want to shell out $15 to get her nails clipped regularly, but it seems like it's come to that. Even then, I'm worried about how she will behave at the vet's office. At this rate, though, I'm lucky if I can even get 4 nails done over 2 days time.

I'm open to any additional advice here. I'm out of ideas.

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Cooper was the same way when he was growing up. I don't know if its just the pressure of the clippers or him being afraid of getting nicked or what it was. So now, what's been easiest for me is that I roll him onto his side and dremel his nails. That way you dont have to worry about nicking the quick, and you can get them a little shorter then with traditional clippers. Now the Dremel is sorta loud and you will have to condition her to getting used to it, but once you do, nail sessions will be a lot easier! Hope this helps!

I agree with trying a dremmel (they have one just for pet nails that is a bit cheaper than the regular Dremmels), and peanut butter on a spoon does wonders since they need to lick it and it's therefore distracting.

First day just let her sniff the dremmel and don't even turn it on. On the 2nd day, get out the peanut butter and after she is licking, run the dremmel but don't touch her with it. On the 3rd day, and maybe the 4th and 5th, run it and touch her body with the handle end so she can feel the vibration and get used to the noise. (Keep to short sessions and small amounts of pb, as it's high in calories). After a week or more of this, then gently take one paw and just briefly touch the dremmel to the nail as she licks the pb. Gradually work your way up to doing a nail or two at a time.

Corgis are notorious for not liking their feet handled, from my understanding. Jack is awful. Maddie is wonderful and just lies on her back to be done, but she wasn't raised by me. :-) I think her old owner is better at getting them used to nails than I am, but Jack was a screamer as a pup and I just could not bring myself to hold a screaming, heart-racing puppy still til he calmed down.
My 1st thought was treats! I love Beth's idea of peanut butter on a spoon and I would try having someone hold the spoon and you clip. Also once your ready and have the clipper in position try to do a fast clip. I only have one out of my 5 that I have to clip as the rest wear there's down. Bella just lays there and doesn't mind at all...guess I'm lucky! Good luck!
Yes, Jack keeps his worn down too. As a matter of fact, they sometimes look too low to me. I have tried to get him used to the Dremmel in case he's ever hurt or sick and can't get his long walks that keep them low. He is awful about it, though!

Maddie gets the same walks as Jack and hers don't wear down as well. Strange. She's very light on her feet, though.
Thanks for all the advice thus far! I have definitely thought about a dremel and know it would take some time to get her used to it. However, I'm wary because she jumps out of her skin when my cell phone vibrates, and I can only imagine what she would do if I tried to put that contraption near her. I haven't ruled it out, though :)

Like I said, I've tried using another set of hands plus treats during the trimmings, and that was pretty much a fail. We used frozen bananas, which are one of her favorites. Can't hurt to give peanut butter a try, though.

Aside from using a dremel, what style clippers seem to be best? I'm currently using the guillotine-style and wonder if switching to the plier-type ones would make any difference. At this point, I'm less concerned about the end result so long as I can get her to tolerate the actual process!
I have a major problem with Duncan and his nails. I have tried all the tricks and ploys recommended, it still doesn't help. One time, 3 of us couldn't control him to clip his nails. I have finally resorted to having him sedated and letting the vet techs clip as close as possible while he is like that. I questioned the vet about the sedation, and he has assured me, it won't hurt him and it probably is much better than the high stress he goes through trying to clip his nails normally. They just give him a shot, clip his nails and then give him a reversal to bring him out of it.
I know I'll hear a lot from owners on this site about how wrong this is, and such; but it is much better than the stress he goes through. Also, during this time, I let the vet tech do a deep ear cleaning and anything else I can thing of that can be done while he is calm.
Oh, I understand! When Jack was a puppy we were told to get used to holding him still and don't let him go if he fights or he'll just learn he'll get his way. Well. I think I can tell the difference between throwing a fit and having a panic attack, and he would panic. He'd scream and struggle and his heart would race, and honestly I just could not do that to the poor little guy. As a matter of fact, I regret the attempts we made (only two) and wish I'd taken a totally different approach, as I think the "don't let him win" approach actually made him worse.

It's not just nails; he's bad about being forcibly confined. He doesn't mind being crowded or rough-housed, but try to hold him still (for nails, vet exams, etc) and he's a nightmare. I've seen Maddie throw a fit where she acts scared but isn't and once she knows you won, she resigns herself to staying still and just relaxes. But Jack just escalates to wild-eyed panic.
My Wynn is like Jack...at the vet (he loves to go there) but doesn't want anyone touching him...his heart races and I found out the last time he was there that his heart rate was fast and Livvy's was very calm...but on the outside they acted the opposite! If we would have to do a complicated vet procedure we would have to sedate him...there's no way he could handle the stress either!

How old is Hannah? I was just wondering because if she's still young you can use a people toenail clipper...that's what I use on my pups ! Maybe try this even if you can only do a little at a time? I used to use this on my weimeraner mix for his sharp dew claws otherwise I use the same one you do!
She's just shy of being a year old. I'm not sure if those clippers would be able to get around her nails, but I sure will give it a shot!
I would clip with the this clipper sideways not from the front...just try 1 first and just a small bit and see and if it does work try a couple the next day...good luck! Let me know if it works!!!!!! What I like about this is you might be able to hold her in your lap and just sneak a quick clip while she is more relaxed as you don't have to hold her so different!
I have no advice! I wimped out long ago and take mine to the vet to have their toenails trimmed. They have a table with restraints they use to keep them still. Fortunately we walk on sidewalks enough that their nails are pretty worn and we don't have to do it often. Sparty is so dramatic, he has been known to yelp in pain when he sees the clippers! The only one we do at home is the doberman, she just lays there.
That's a good description of his behavior, a panic attack. He fights baths, but I don't let him win there. But holding him to clip his nails is basically a panic attack. I've tried since he was a puppy to him getting use to his feet being touched, with praises and treats, but there is no way he will allow it. He never has liked to be hugged or confined, he is perfectly happy just to lay in your lap and let you pet him. So, the extra money I spend for the sedation is well worth it to me, not to have Duncan so upset to where he almost throws up.


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