Hi all.  I thought trick training might be a fun topic to talk about.  Trick training for Jeli and I has been a great way to establish a really close bond and it engages her little brain in hopes of tiring her out occasionally.  I thought maybe we could share some trick ideas and training tips.  

We've done most of the easy ones and now have started working on harder ones.  She has recently picked up circleing backwards around my legs.  We have one side and are working on the other.  After that we will be doing a backwards weave!  I've never taught that before and was surprised how quickly she picked it up.  I think she actually taught it to me rather than me to her!  She also rolls herself in a blanket, plays basket ball, picks up her toys (without a lid), shuts the door, and so many others.   

One trick I thought would be easy, but has turned out to be really hard for her, is cross your paws.  Have any of you had any success with this trick?  I thought it might be because of the short legs, but there is a youtube video with a corgi that does it.  Does anybody have any tips for this trick?


Another we are having trouble with is hide your nose, or hide your eyes.  Its where they put a paw up on there face.  Your suppose to start with a sticky note on their head and they swipe it off.  This is not working for her.  Any of you had any success with this trick? 


Any other suggestions of fun tricks to teach?  Whats your corgs best trick?   


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I haven't tried teaching "hide your face" in a long time, but when I first started, I was told to put a leash around the muzzle.  

@ Joan and Gabby - Napolean is so cute and awesome with his tricks!!!  I've actually seen your video several times before - its great!  I'm working on the paw to foot trick and will eventually work on cop cop.  How in the world did you teach him to blow bubbles?  That is adorable!


@ Rachel - I'll try the leash idea.  The tape or sticky note hasn't worked to well for me.  I can't get her to sit still long enough for me to put it on her head.  lol.  Maybe she just has to get a little older and less wiggly. 

I love to watch videos of Napolean! He is amazing, as are his trainers!

WooHoo!  We had a breakthru on "hide your nose"!  I tried putting a shoe lace over her nose... didn't work.  I tried tickling her with a feather... didn't work, she just wanted to eat the feather.  So, I tried a bit of tape again.  I had tried that a couple of times before and she would just sit there with tape on her nose.  This time I tried to place it where she would see it a little bit.  I think that made a difference.  So she swiped it off and I clicked it. Did it one more time, and viola... we had the start.  Its not solid yet, she can't quite decide if I want her to scratch the floor or if she should put her nose by her paw.  By this weekend she will have it figured out.  Smart girly! :)


Here is another cute trick she learned recently, and it only took about 2 -1/2 hour sessions.  She can open her crate, go in and then close it!  Its very cute to watch her do it.  I rigged up pull strings on both sides of the crate door.  Our first session was just pulling the door open - piece of cake.  Then getting her to go in her crate after she opened it.  Then pulling the crate shut.  Now she loves doing it and it is really cute to watch her slam her crate door shut. 

I have three favorite tricks i have taught kirby. The first one is "goodbye" (he sits and waves one paw) the other is "high five" and stop,drop, and roll

I bought a book on Amazon, 101 dog tricks. Bogart is going to focus more on tricks and obedience now that we found out about his joint problems (shoulder and elbow dysplasia) - so he can't be as active physically, but intend to keep him very active mentally. He does the "crawl"'really well, and is a whizz at catching the ball, bounced or not. We work on "getting" different objects - I will line up a tennis ball, a rolled up newspaper and a stuffed toy, and tell him which object to get. He knows "touch" and "bang" (fall on the ground and roll on his back).

I have that book too!  I think its the same one - by Kyra Sundance?  It is very helpful and they offer trick training titles to enourage you to keep trying new and more complex tricks - kind of fun.  They are very layed back about the criteria though.  Its not like achieving an obiediance title.  They just want you to do more fun things with your dog, which is a great imho.  Jeli and I are actually working on the  expert tricks so we can test for that title in a few weeks.  Some of them you have to modify for a short dog.  For "Get the Mail" I bought a little wooden mailbox and rigged it up to her height so she could do the trick.  Its really cute.  She growls the whole time when she is doing it.  Not sure what thats about.    And she can grab a Kleenex out of a box, hand it to me,  then I 'use' it, hand it back to her and she throws it away.  I never would have thought I could teach that trick but that book is so encouraging.  I hope you have as much fun with it as we have.


We haven't worked on name recognition yet, but its on our list of things to do. She will go find my keys wherever I've hidden them, but I'm not sure she wouldn't pick up another toy if I hid both of them.  She just loves finding and bringing back for a big party. :)  

Hi Susan, 

Is your Jeli the same little Jeli that earned her Trick Dog Champion title?  If so, a big congratulations to both of you.  

And I was hoping that you had your video posted somewhere, as I would love to see it.  It is so fun watching our little corgis do their tricks.

Yes!  She just got her Champion title a few weeks ago!  I'm so proud of her - she got it before she turned two.  I'll try to remember to post the video to youtube.  Thanks ! 

Here is the link to our video submission for the Trick Dog Champion Title.  Its about 10 minutes long.  It follows a specific format  that starts with some basic foundational skills that they want to make sure you have.  If you want to fast forward toward the end there are a few of her 'expert level' tricks that are more fun to see.   



We've had a ton of fun learning new tricks and working toward the trick titles.  Of course you don't need to go for the title to teach your dog tricks, but it gave me a goal and encouragement along the way.  I encourage anyone to check out Do More With Your Dog and trick training. 

Susan, I am so happy you shared this video.  It's fantastic!  Congrats on all of your hard work with Jeli and her following through!!

I hope to use it as inspiration to get Jerry into some more advanced tricks.

Truly remarkable.  Job well done!

Awww.   Thank you!   We have had a lot of fun doing all this, and we will continue to learn more.  Jeli loves to "play" tricks. :)   Someday I hope to be able to get her certified as a therapy dog so that we can go to hospitals and put on a little trick routine for the kids.  Its a long way down the road, but something to shoot for. 



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