Cooper is a 11 week old male Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he is extraordinarily calm for his age. He doesn't nip, or chew what he isn't suppose to, he will play tug and fetch but he will not roughhouse. He will chase me if I run but he won't let me chase him. I guess I should count myself lucky that he is so well-behaved but my Corgi, Hercules, was very different as a puppy. He was nippy and rambunctious, if you were sitting he would gain speed and then jump on you propelling himself across the room. He grew up to be such a personality! Cooper is such a gentleman that I am worried he won't have the vibrant personality that I loved so much in my Hercules.

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When we went to pick Noodles up, he was a spunky puppy and I thought to myself, "what did I get myself in to". Once we were at home, there was only one time we had to tell him NO not to chew on the couch and never again did he try. We basically taught him to play tug-o-war, act like a puppy and run around. Now, we made a HUGE mistake on teaching him tug-o-war because he could play that for hours straight. Over all, he is a calm corgi, but he has a wonderful personality. I love how much he loves kids and how he wants everyone to love on him/rub his belly. Noodles is our first corgi, but I count my lucky stars on how he has turned out (other than when he chooses to be stubborn).

Yeah, Cooper is the same way: calm and lovable. I am sure he will have his quirks like any Corgi and maybe his personality will develop as he ages. I should count myself lucky but a part of me wants the Mr. Personality that my first Corgi was. he had his own plans and that made him troublesome but such a character just the same! It was like having a very adorable and fluffy imp roaming the house. Now, I have a dog that is opposite, he is more angel than devil and I keep watching and waiting to see the horns but there is nothing so far. He acts so prim and proper, except when his inner fat boy comes out, lol
My two have totally different personalities...probably normal!  It's nice to have one of each extreme...
that is true. It is nice to have a dog completely different, with his own uniqueness. I was just expecting this little tour de force of a puppy and I got this little gentleman instead. I was reading books that said to watch out for shy, quiet puppies, but Cooper seems healthy and curious he just has really good manners.
He is still very young also,  I think they tend to take on your personality a bit too.  So as he grows he will change.  When Quin was young she was very calm and wouldn't let me pet her she would run away from me and not come to me if I just wanted to cuddle her, But now she comes to me no matter what and is very cuddley.  and I am sure he will start to chew on things :)  just you wait ha ha
That is very encouraging! I am glad to know your pup came around, it makes me feel better about Cooper. He is cuddly and sweet but he mostly just cares about food, lol. He is a great dog though, i love him very much already. His face just breaks my heart with it's cuteness! Also, my Aussie is going through a trouble-making stage so, I guess its good I have one well-behaved dog. =)
He could just have that type of personality. Wynn my male was the perfect gentleman and still is most of the time. My other dogs are crazy when I get home and he patiently waits for me bearing a toy or shoe in his mouth as a present for me...his daughter Sage is like this most of the time and he also has several more pups that are laid back...doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun:)
Luke was kind of a...simple puppy. Just kind of did his own thing, never really got into trouble or had issues with nipping. He was a really easy puppy compared to Henry. They are definitely different personalities as adults but I don't think one is really "better" than the other. It's nice to have variety!

Lando Oliver doesn't want loving but Boots could be on my lap ALL day if I let him.


It is good to have variety. Cooper is curious and playful in his own way, lately he has been fascinated by my curls. He just isn't high energy. He loves to be cuddled but he makes these hilarious noises when I do, noises unlike any animal I have ever heard! They sound like squeaking pig noises, it's very cute. Thank you all for the added perspective! I had always read and, from my experience with Hercules, understood that Corgi puppies were normally highly energetic and it is good to know that it's not always the case. I am glad to know it isn't a bad sign or anything. =)

when i got teddy he was so laid back that i could hold him for a straight hour and it would not bother him, he would just lay there in my arms. he would maybe play and run around playing with a toy for a few mins but then chill out and take a nap. he never chewed anything but my the very top of my husbands boots and we had to tell him no once and he never did it again.  i use to carry him around and then when people asked to hold him he would just melt into their arms.

even now he is super laid back. hes happy to meet everyone and just be by your side. i get comments all the time of how well calm and sweet he is and most of the time they think hes older because of it:) not to say he dosnt have his hyper moments but 90% he is so calm.

How long have you had your corgi for?


My corgi Ralphie is turning 7 months next week.  He is very calm indoors (most of the time, except when I come home he jumps on me and wants attention) or if there are other dogs around.  When we go to the park or in an outdoor area he is very much more active and loves to chase me and chase other dogs as well.

Yesterday I took my corgi into work for the first time and had him in his crate with the door opened.  My boss came by and asked "is he sick?" haha.  because Ralphie just looked at him and laid there, did not budge at all except for his eyeballs.  I just told him he is very laid back.  But when some of my other coworkers who are major dog lovers came by he would want to jump on them and get petted by them.  In any case, I had the same question as you - first I did wonder if he was sick or something was wrong.  but he seems to act puppy like when he's in the great outdoors.  INdoors he is mostly snoozing away in his little den area. I do feel that he sleeps a lot - like 16-18 hours a day? We've only had him for about 5 weeks now, but I am seeing that as he gets more comfortable with his new surroundings (he came from a farm) he is becoming a lot more spunky and getting into a bit of trouble.  It'll be interesting to see how their personalities develop over the next few months.  :)  I am more used to high energy puppies as well but I don't mind Ralphie's calm, laid back Californian demeanor. :)  


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