I'm a first time CORGI and PUPPY owner so there's a good chance I'm being neurotic about this so I apologize in advanced for this being so long.  I just want to make sure I go about things the right way and to kind of break any bad habits now before he gets stuck in his ways.

We've had Reggie, our 3 month old pembroke, for two weeks now - sweet as could be, and very intelligent - Happy as a clam when he is home with the two of us. My only concern is how insanely shy he is...it's to the point where he comes off terrified of new people and dogs.

I'm beginning to think it has something to do with his experience(s) at the breeders because he has had nothing but positive ones with us. I tend to bring him everywhere and whenever he meets someone new, I have them give him a treat and he receives lots of praise from me. When I do bring him places everyone, and I mean EVERYONE gushes over him - he attracts a lot of attention, and it's always positive & I make sure he is approached in the proper way. HOWEVER, his ears go down and he cowers into the nearest corner and sometimes lifts his lip/shows teeth. I don't baby him or even let him hide behind me (and believe me, he tries his hardest.) I just reassure him that everything is alright. It's the same when we have people come over to the house.

And kids? Forget about it! He acts as if they were zombies after his brain! The main issue there is how quickly they approach him or just simply move around him and it freaks him out to no end. There are a lot of kids in my family and they all want nothing more than to play and run around with him, as you would expect a pup to do. I bring him around them as often as I can and tell them to go slow and even had him licking peanut butter (his favorite!) off of their hands.

When it comes to meeting new dogs he's very apprehensive - which I believe is normal and completely fine. Yet, if the other dog is eager to meet him Reggie gets VERY snippy and aggressive. At that point I cut in and pet the new dog and let him know he's okay, and yadda yadda, then he begins to slowly warm up to them only to become very dominating (which I'm sure is just part of his alpha corgi attitude.) Then this tends to turn into him just bullying the other dog and being too rough. Is this okay? If not, is there a way to correct him or teach him otherwise? How do I get him excited to meet other dogs and people?

I know he's still new and adjusting and I've read that the third month is their fear stage - So I guess my main point of this loooong entry is to ask fellow corgi/pup owners if I am just being an over concerned mom (which is likely of me |:) and how to show him that meeting new people and animals doesn't have to be so terrifying, but rewarding. 

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You are right to want to help him during this important socialization period. Some dogs are more reactive to new things than others and if the breeder did not emphasize socializing the puppies it does make it harder. I would continue what you are doing and look around for a puppy class. That will really help him with being around other dogs. The trainer will also be able to help you.
Thanks a bunch! He starts his classes Tuesday actually so I'm hoping they help. I just can't get over how shy he is! We'll go for our long walks and there will be people YARDS away that haven't even noticed him and he runs in the opposite direction!
When you introduce him to new people and dogs I would also start out slow...1-2 kids that give him a treat and a dog that maybe you set up a chance for them to meet somewhere. It may be overwhelming if he's not used to this and a crowd rushes in. Yes, treats are great for this and classes should help. I had a problem like this with one of my own that I thought was so used to dogs...only problem was they were all mine not strange dogs. Looks like he's ok with that cute pic you just posted so maybe just limit it to 1-2 till he learns how much fun it can be and yes...he has about 4 weeks for this important teaching to happen!
He sure is cute!
Thanks! And yes, I'm sure to not overwhelm him - it's never more than two at a time. And the kid in that picture had PB on his face! ;) hahaha. And by 'he has 4 weeks' do you mean if it's not resolved, he'll be set in his ways? :|
Aren't there also developmental stages when puppies are more fearful?
That's what I wad saying...I read somewhere that the third month is the "fear month" , and he is currently three months - I just wasn't sure how accurate that was :/
OK...get every kid to wear peanut butter on their face! hehe. There is a frame of time from 8-16 weeks that if the pups learns these things it is better but all dogs can learn. I have several rescues that never learned this but they have become used to and actually like other dogs and kids now. It's kind of like a child that you want them to learn that other people and animals are a good thing but every child is different and some will also be more shy. Maybe a child could throw a favorite toy for him or find something that he wants to really play with and let him do that with a kid. As for dogs...you may need to leash him if you don't and if he's being a bully he doesn't get to play...teaching him to leave it or no may help but he's still a little young for that concept. In classes (ours they can be 12 weeks) they learn to sit while we meet/greet and there's dogs there but they need to focus on their masters not the other dog. This was very hard for Sage as she wants to play 24/7 with dogs,people and kids! I don't know if this answered your questions or not. Keep on trying...the more you can do the better:)


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