UPDATE:  The vet just called!  Lab tests back and it WASN'T cancer!!!  We made the right decision with the surgery!  Vet said that if we would have waited until this Monday for the surgery, he couldn't do it because he got sick, so good thing we had it done last Friday!!  What a relief!!! Yesterday he started limping on his front leg, but this morning he isn't limping quite as much on the front leg that had the IV.


We dropped Bucher off at the vet for surgery this morning.  We are so nervous!  Keep hoping we have done the right thing!  Boo has seen 3 different vets and all said that we should have the surgery!  We are keeping our fingers crossed!!!


Since Bucher was diagnosed with anaplasmosis last fall, he went on the antibiotics, and everything was supposed to be okay.  I have been saying that I didn’t think he ever snapped back to his normal self.  We took him to the vet today, after many calls to the vets, for x-rays.  He has a tumor on his spleen.  We have to make an appt. for an ultra sound to see if it is contained or has spread.  If it hasn’t spread the vet feels removing it should give Boo the chance to have a normal life.  Has anyone else had any experience with tumors on the spleen (Boo will be 10 in October)?  This was so not the news that we wanted to hear!  The vet just called back and our appt. for the ultra sound is 1:00 pm Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for Boo!  :(

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I forgot to mention that my holistic vet just called to hear how the ultra sound appt. went and she also agrees that I'm doing the right thing.  That makes 3 vets that agree. She also said she will help with diet and supplements to help Boo. :)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I wish Bucher the best and am really glad that it turned out looking better than it seemed.  Tell the sweet baby to get

well and feel good quickly.  Will be thinking and you and him.  Best wishes.


Boo isn't going to have the surgery today.  The chest x-ray looked good, but the CBC (?) came back a lot lower for his red blood cell count than the one we had done in October.  We pick him up at 11:00 after he is getting his bone marrow tested to see if it is cancer or if the spleen is doing a number on the blood count.  We won't know any thing until Monday. 

Actually the vet just called and we can pick him up now, he got a good sample and now for more waiting!!

I will be glad to find out one way or the other.  I really don't want to put him through the surgery if he can't handle it or it won't improve his quality of life and his life span!!

Good Luck Lynne and Boo! we're hoping for good news for you 2:)

Hi Lynne,


Low RBC can be caused by Iron deficiency. If it's significant lower, it may indicate poisoned, hemorrhage, bone marrow disease or immune diseases. 


Keep an eye on the bone marrow biopsy incision site, if there's swelling, pus or redness, give the vet a call. The anesthetic should wear off within two to five hours.


All the best on Monday!

So sorry things are getting more complicated as you go on.   Do keep us posted.


I know  this is terribly hard.  I wish the sweet baby Boo the best of luck.

My little trooper!  He is in good spirits! Eating and potty fine We are going to spoil him and feed him healthy and stay positive! Thanks for all the support!!! 
Love the pics Lynne.  He is such a sweet boy.  We're sending good thoughts your way :)
Lynne, he is looking great, I know you are so worried. Y'all just have as much fun, and joy as you can have between now and Monday, and let us "prayer warriors" do the worrying.
Sally is wondering where her brother is!
All the best Lynne, we're thinking of you and Boo today.


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