Today I brought home three beef tracheas, one for each of my three dogs.

The two senior dogs weren't interested, so within a short amount of time, Sidney had "collected" all three. That part isn't so weird. What was weird is what he did with them.

He lined them up in a perfect line. In this photo the middle one is slightly off because he picked it up when I left the room to get my camera and then set it back down in line when I came back.  It's almost like he's saying "this is my side of the room". It was so funny to look over at him and realize he had done this!

That's my weird dog!

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Cute!  I saw the title "weird behavior" and was concerned for a bit, but this is a good weird, a corgi weird!  Love seeing pictures of the tailed Sydney.  He looks like he enjoyed the farm a lot.

I saw on some show about dogs where there was a dog (forget the breed) that would take all its toys outside and line them all up. Maybe it's a herding thing?  He does look quite proud of his find!

Don't have a clue about the behavior but he sure looks proud of his new treats:)

He is "messen"with ya! Corgis are so funny!

I saw that show.  It was a doberman.  He knew exactly what order to put his toys in.  Put them in a pile and he would redistribute them exactly the same way. 

Amazing what they know and who knows the reason behind it.

It is cute and obviously makes sense to him. You are weird for not understanding from his point of view.  Very cute!!!

Lol! He was trying to piece back together what it looked like in the cow. He thought you brought him a new cool  puzzle toy! Lol

Cute! he's hearding the tracheas.


That is so stinkin' cute!! He must be a smart little booger to line them up like that.
I love his little tale! I haven't seen many Corgis in person (lately) but I've never seen a Pem with a tale. I love it.
I usually like the little nubs better but how adorable! My fiance says that if we get another Corgi he wants one with a tale, so we will see.


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