What are my chances? To get a dog to lose major weight. Update...we will be getting Zip...in June

I recently fell in love with a 2 year old Corgi with major weight issues and I am wondering if I were to get him if I could "help" him loose weight. I will be asking the owner to weigh him for me but for now he just looks like a very overstuffed sausage. Now I do feed good food and NONE of my dogs have any weight issues. The owner has had him checked for thyroid and it's fine and she will also let me return him if there are any other issues. I am just  feeling sooooooo bad for this beautiful boy with a wonderful personality and want to "save him" before  his weight causes forever problems.


2/12/11 We recently decided as a family that we would like to give Zip a loving home and a chance to help him loose weight! Just found out this am that they will let us have Zip:): Can't wait till June!

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You'll do great!  How much does he need to lose?  Does he get people food?  We cut off a lot of Seanna's weight by just stopping snacks.  And then with walking to get exercise.  You've got enough area for them to run I bet the weight would just melt off....
I'm ashamed to admit it, but my Bertie puffed up to over 40 pounds one winter (I won't say what I puffed up to) when we couldn't get out much and sat around the house eating cookies a lot.  He slimmed down to a good 33 (he's a big boy) by 1) no cookies except for one a bedtime and 2) slightly less kibbles with his meals (a scant half cup instead of a full half cup at each meal).  We also walked a lot once all the snow melted.  The vet did not recommend a fast weight lost, but 1 pound every week or two.  We tried to bulk up his meals with carrots or sting beans, but he hates vegies, so .... he just dieted.  He slimmed down steadily over the summer and by fall was a good weight, and has stayed there (with a little more attention by me).  I meanwhile, didn't lose much and have remained puffy.  Ah well.
Jen...I have no clue as I just emailed them and asked them to weight him...but he's the biggest corgi I have ever seen:( I don't see many though! I am guessing at least 20#'s:(
They say he only eats one time per day and can't get at other food...but I can't believe this....my only thought is that since they have cattle...he may be helping himself to some other food and he also gets fed a food with corn in:(

Jane, we saw a Corgi at PetSmart that was easily 20 pounds overweight and had an open sore on her back.  I felt soooo bad and wanted to say something and didn't.  


Anyway, yes he can lose weight with you but it takes diligence.  Measure EVERY feeding; he'll probably only need a quarter cup or a third of a cup twice a day.  If he is getting treats, reduce the food.


What I do with our two is keep three measuring cups in the food.  Jack normally gets a cup a day split into two feedings, and Maddie gets 2/3 cup over two feedings.  So I have a half cup and a third cup for normal days.

BUT if they get treats or add-ins in the food, then Jack gets a third cup and Maddie only a quarter.  


Jack had hit 42 and is perfect at 35 or 36;  he got down to around 34 and he looked ribby and I could feel his pelvic bones a little too easily.   But now I have an eagle eye and I noticed some pudge on Maddie; sure enough she'd gained two pounds so on a diet she went.  She should be 27 or 28 and had tubbed up to 30.  It can be done, but aim to lose only a few pounds a month. 


My only caution was that it might be hard to be as strict as you need to be with a full pack like you have now. 

@ Beth...I think that this guy is bigger like Jack and am waiting till the weather gets nicer and if my husband agrees. He would start outside as this is what he is more used to and my dogs all get fed separately in their own bowls and eat it all up right away:) They also get fed 3 times a day (grain free) and so this would spread out his food a bit and I would hope to find some veggies he liked also.

You can definitely help him lose weight. I would cut his kibble down to ~1/4 cup twice a day and add in some green beans to help him feel full. As far as treats, Charlee Bears are 3 calories each, and I think there is also a Fromm treat that is 1 calorie.


Some food varieties are lower calories than others too - I think I recall you saying you feed Taste of the Wild? For example their Sierra Mountain food which is lamb based is 338 kcal/cup versus some of their other formulas which are around 370 kcal/cup.


These stories might be umm...inspirational? I'm hoping he's not this chubby!




@ Jane...WOW...he's not that bad but given another year where he lives....I bet he could be. His owners are very nice but know that they have a problem with his weight and are trying to do what his good for him! I am waiting to hear how much he does weigh!
Poor Gus!   Oh my goodness!

I also love the Charlee Bears, I just recently bought some and leave them out but mine only get 1!!!!


As for exercise...we have balls in all sizes plus fetch its and a total of 12 acres to get exercise:) With 2 block long drive ways...that's exercise just getting the mail and I know that wouldn't happen right away but we do a group walk when ever we can so there's extra running:)

Ruthlessly control food intake.  Training and fun treats can be split-pea sized.  Don't look into his eyes, he will always be starving no matter how much you feed him; whatever you do, he'll be waiting beside St. Peter at the Pearly Gates saying, "Yes, Mr. Peter, that's her.  That's the woman who starved me my entire life."

Gwynnie & Al recommend a volleyball or Nike Jr. 7" dia. childrens' basketball.  Or a tennis ball chucker.  And long walks at the park.  Regular aerobic exercise kicks the body into a different metabolic state.


If he's a big frame, he's gonna weigh more even at an ideal BMI.

you can do it Jane!:) i bet in no time playing with the corgis in your yard he will drop the weight. do you have a picture of him by chance?


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