What are my chances? To get a dog to lose major weight. Update...we will be getting Zip...in June

I recently fell in love with a 2 year old Corgi with major weight issues and I am wondering if I were to get him if I could "help" him loose weight. I will be asking the owner to weigh him for me but for now he just looks like a very overstuffed sausage. Now I do feed good food and NONE of my dogs have any weight issues. The owner has had him checked for thyroid and it's fine and she will also let me return him if there are any other issues. I am just  feeling sooooooo bad for this beautiful boy with a wonderful personality and want to "save him" before  his weight causes forever problems.


2/12/11 We recently decided as a family that we would like to give Zip a loving home and a chance to help him loose weight! Just found out this am that they will let us have Zip:): Can't wait till June!

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Noodles has been dieting for a while now and he is almost down to his perfect weight...40 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot, but he is a big boy. His vet is very pleased with his weight loss and even complimented Noodles on his corgi figure. Noods gets a half cup of dry in the morning and then 1/4 cup of dry with green beans for dinner. He also goes jogging twice a day and then playing with toys in the house. I can see the difference and I know he feels better. Good luck!

Algy was a 'big boy' (too tall and wide for the breed standard) and after he started steroids, he clocked in at 53 pounds.  He lost 20 pounds on his pumpkin mixed with the weight control kibble, and of course, his diet cookies.


If you do end up with this little guy, I can always send you a jar of those diet cookies.  They are like little rice cakes...only beef or chicken flavoured.  YUM!  Our one vet sells them.  But I haven't seen them anywhere else...

Torri won't touch green beans, but she likes peas and carrots (I cook them in some chicken broth, and include a little rice, and keep- a supply in the fridge). Her two meals consist of 1/3 peas and carrots, 1/3 canned dog food, and 1/3 dry (Pedigree works for her).  She  is a big corgi, 30 pounds is a good weight for her.
My last corgi Jack was a rescue, he was a fatty. He needed 10 pounds off! I got it off but he wasn't happy about it. Good food no people food, lots of water, snacks carrots, celery and apples. Walkies 2 times a day if you can, add time to each walkie every other week is what I did! I let him herd the wild quail near our home. It also helped my health. He was such a joy. Save him please.
@ Kitty...I still have to convince my hubby which will not be an easy task and will have to wait till spring as they live in the snowy cold too....I am hoping my husband sees the good in this also:)
Jane, you can be very successful helping this corgi to lose major weight.  This is exactly what I did to help Soffie lose 10 pounds in a year!  ~~~~~>  http://www.mycorgi.com/video/corgi-weight-watchers-101-or   and I still feed both Griffyn and her the same way today!  Good Luck!!

So you just gave the beans frozen???? I can just see all my dogs wanting the green beans...IF I get him it sure looks like something I can try but since I have many more dogs I might have to feed that together more:)



Jane, Mine all love green beans  frozen or thawed!
yep!  and they love them!!  we even stuff their kongs with the frozen green beans as their night time snack!
We get him...we get him....Joanna he looks like Rainy except about 2 times  her size!!!!!
Hooray!   Can't wait to see pics of Tubsy McButterball.
Congrats!  I will have to send him a chubby kid care package, complete with sweat bands for his long jogs...er...walks!You'll have him svelt in no time!


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