I know all Corgis have a myriad of verbal, aduitory  and visual cues that trigger all kinds of amusing reactions. One of  best triggers  Gunny has is when I sit at the kitchen table paying bills . He sits by my feet watching intently.He listens carefully for when I tear a check from the check book. He will then run to the back door in anticipation of me  exiting to go to my car for a trip to the bank or to the postoffice. He seems to know that he will be taking a trip in the car to a place where he often gets a snack bone( to two or three) ! They even give me bones to bring home to him when I go to the bank without him.

When he hears aluminum foil or plastic wrap being torn he runs to his food dish. Why you ask?Because I have, in the past, picked up his food dish if he has left the food uneaten for very long ( wet food gets yucky if left out) and I covered it with one of those wraps before putting it in the frig. If I tear the wrap material and his food dish happens to be empty he will whine and run around the kitchen. Bonkers!

What are some of your Corgi's amusing triggers?

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The pantry door! I keep the chicken jerky in the pantry so when I get it out I always have to go to the pantry. So now when I open the pantry door, go in, get whatever food for myself, then turn around, there are two corgis sitting there staring at me like "um where the heck is my jerky, mom?"
The bag from the fridge that I keep my cheese in ...they hear it and run to me hoping they are the ones getting some. When I get my stuff on the counter for work, Wynn comes running and hoping he's going with, he also loads himself in my car...he just knows!
The word "carrot."
The three corgis were splatted about the living room. My friend started to ask if I wanted some carrot salad. Before she got to the "t" all three were in the kitchen.
When I put on my walking shoes...all it takes is one of the dogs to notice, then all three go absolutely bonkers! They know when certain shoes go on, it means walk time! If I grab a cap, it's even more crazy. These dogs are so smart!
my carly does this too.. i am amazed that i dont even have to get the leash and she knows!
What a fun topic! Ed's triggers are:

Anyone sneezing: he can NOT help himself on this, he'll jump at you and bark one loud/crispy bark every time you sneeze.

The word "change", as in "I'm going to go change into my jammies" - signals there's a high potential that it's laser-herding time. Unfortunately, you might've just said "We need to CHANGE this light-bulb" or "My car needs an oil CHANGE".

Saying the cat's name "Parker" - saying the cat's name sometimes means he's in trouble, when Parker's in trouble it means he might next jump off a counter or table, and if he jumps off the counter or table - it's CHASE time in Ed's eyes.

"You're in charge" - Ed learned WAY before I got clued in that when I say to him "you're in charge", it means I'm leaving and he's not going with me. Triggers him to instantly occupy his chair by the window & put on the pitiful face.

Towels - if I even think about carrying a towel in my hands (maybe stack of laundered ones), he will vanish into thin air. Could mean a bath ...

Cup of coffee - pouring a cup of coffee sends Ed downstairs to my office. How embarressing for him when I go elsewhere with it. Obviously, I'm the one who made the mistake about where to go with my coffee ...=)
Ollie does this, too! We CANNOT break him of it!!! We were certain that he must be a freak of nature...but now I see that it might be a "Corgi thing"....any sneeze from any person and he will get right in their face. We can't decide if he is concerned for the sneezer, or just really hates the sound??
Oh, I am so relieved to hear that your corgis have a reaction to sneezes, too!
Ever since we brought Birdie home as a puppy, she has HATED to hear anyone sneeze. She rushes at us with a snarl and a LOUD BARK when we sneeze.
Very unhelpful, and such a tough habit to break her of.
Blitz does it too. I have to say "I'm ok" or "He/She's ok" for him to get that concerned look on his face to go away and for him to jump down and go back to his business. Wierd!!
Our little Finn does this too! We used to use it as a way to get him to come...the "fake" sneeze tactic...but now he knows the difference between the real and fake!

My dog is the same with the cup of coffee. : )


Marshall freaks out over sneezes too! He will immediately rush over to anyone after a sneeze and try to jump up on them. I like to think he's just concerned for their well-being...


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