Hi. I am brand new to the forum and to Corgis. I am about to get a mismarked Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and I wanted to know what you guys thought about him, whether you notice anything apparently wrong with him (other than the face mismark, which is quite big, pretty much all white, unlike most face mismarks I´ve seen online -this is the only Corgi breeder in Argentina and I had never seen one "in the flesh" until I went there, as a matter of fact I knew the breed through Cowboy Bebop-).

I also wanted to hear any tips you may have on training, feeding, etc and any potential dangers I should look out for. Also, how best to introduce him to my cat. She is a stray (named Kali) that I´ve had for some 4 years now, she is around 7 or so and is very loving and affectionationate. She was used to my old dog, a 14 year old Beagle (named Gandalf, I really miss him a lot), they never fought, Gandalf pretty much ignored her, and so did she, though she would sometimes take a swipe at him, though I´m not sure if playing, saying "hey, that´s far enough!" or what, but I would always chastise her when I saw her do it.

Here is a picture of him (he will be called Ryuk) and I was told he was some 22 days old and that I can go pick it up starting on July 20.

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OM Gosh!!!!  How cute. We are, also, first time Corgi owners. "Abbey" is a female Welsh Pembroke Corgi, 8 months old.  Congratulations on owning your first corgi puppy.  You will find a lot of help to many questions you may have on this web site.  Much luck to you. 

He is adorable...you can find all the info on here you need to :) Do watch for chewing(cords). Give the kitty some time to adjust and read up on Not feeding puppy food. Crate training I believe is a must. Enjoy...can't wait to see more pics! Congrats.

Welcome to the insane (and fun) world of corgis.  Your guy is cute as can be!  Lots of info on here, just search for the topics you want and feel free to ask questions, many knowledgable folks on here.

I guess I don't know has much about corgis as I thought or maybe because I am not into showing but I don't understand the "mismarked" comment.  Is that because his face is all white?

Yes Linda, too much white but still cute as the dickens!

As for the cat, just don't allow the pup to chase the cat even if you have to have him drag a leash in the house. Some cats will love dogs and some just tolerate them. I have always had both and they do well together as long as the cat feels safe.

So cute! :) 

Thanks Beth.  Since I have never been into the show ring stuff I had no idea.  I've only done obedience and there they don't care if you are a mutt or purebred.

Adorable, lots of white, yet not an albino. I have two tips. Don't bring him home before he is 7 weeks old, he needs that time with Mom and other pups to properly develop his personality as a dog, and ( just to be on the safe side ) check him alone (i.e. in a quiet place with no other dogs and few distractions, like a small room ) to make sure he hears properly, You can call to him, or clap your hands, or bang a small pot with a spoon when he is distracted and looking away from you.  Make sure he reacts to the noise, so you know he heard it.  This is just a precaution, not something for you to worry about.

I believe (or it's my eyes(?) that his muzzle has very light coloring so he might have a very light fawn color going on. His head is too white but usually that narrows some so it will be interesting to see if he might end up with a bit of lighter color there too. Whatever he ends up being he will be cute!

Thanks for all the replies. I will almost definitely pick him up on the 20th, I´ve been waiting for months now (there was a wait list) and I really can´t wait any longer, it´s the longest time I´ve been without a dog (this will be my third dog, the first one was lucas, of indefinite breed, had him for 18 years, he was a saint; 6 months to the date of his passing I got Gandalf -at about 4 1/2 months old- my baby Beagle, who lived to be 14 and passed on August 30). Here they always recommend not picking up a puppy until they are at least 45 days old, which he will be on or before July 20.

This is a breeder certified with the Argentinian Kennel Club, and they are supposed to check for diseases and give him his earliest shots.

While I doubt many -if any- of you understand spanish here is a link to their site Alenclaud Collies & Corgis

This is Lucas, my first dog

This is Gandalf:

I bet he will end up looking like his parents in the photos...beautiful dog but not what we're used to seeing and will have the sable markings:)

Looks like a cute one.  There's a thread on puppy and adult pictures; shows the difference between the two.  What I noticed is the puppies don't always end up looking like the adult dog, but not totally different.

Since you've owned dogs before, Corgi's are no different.  Enjoy.

Oh my GOSH!  He is adorable!  I don't know anything about him being mismarked, I just know he is too, too cute!  Keep posting pictures, I can't wait to see how his color changes!


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