My husband and I are getting ready for our first corgi, and we're getting supplies for him.  We're stuck on what type of bowls to get for our Bento.  Should we go with plastic? Stainless steel? Ceramic? Bamboo? Two attached bowl combo set?  Extra sets? A particular brand?


Walking down the aisle with the bowls is a bit overwhelming.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I love stainless steel. Once in awhile I use the dishwasher or vinegar to clean it good. It doesn't break like plastic and they can't chew on it. I don't like glass as they can break and so can plastic plus they can chew up the plastic.

I use one like this for both my pups.

The brand I have is Top Paw and I bought it at Petsmart for about $20 (am unable to find it online to show you though).

I like how they can't slide their food/water around. :)

Henry has a heavy ceramic bowl because he likes pawing at his dish and this one is too heavy for him to tip easily. Luke has a plastic slow-feed bowl because he inhales his food. lol  For water we have one of those refilling ones with the big plastic jug.

I have stainless steel bowls.  Ceramic bowls can be very cute but they can get cracks and harbor bacteria that is impossible to destroy.  Plastic bowls aren't heavy enough to use, IMO.  I don't have a stand because he doesn't really need one. But, I also move his bowls around a lot.  If you have a ferret or plan on getting one, get one of those bowls that can't tip over for water or get a stand.  (Our ferret spills Waffle's bowl constantly.)

One suggestion is put a very nice waterfall fountain on your patio.  Then it doesn't matter what kind of bowl you have because your puppie will ask to go outside contantly and drink from the fountain when every bowl in the house is full.

Plus my two never want a drink at the  same time so we are opening the door all the time for our two spoiled rotten boys. Oh....then we have to open the door to let them in because it is to hot outside.

I have a couple non tip stainless steel bowls with rubber at the bottom....they work well for water.

I just switched to stainless steel.  I used to use ceramic but decided to switch after reading how ceramic can harbor bacteria.

The stainless steel bowl I have sits in a stand, one for food, one for water.   

Potus has a melamine water bowl (he figured out how to drag his stainless steel bowl using the little 'lip' of the bowl that deters flipping.) and it was the first thing we found when we went to replace it- some people don't like melamine but he's had it for almost 2 years and its been fine, and he just got a brand new ceramic food bowl (that says 'I heart food' at the bottom of it. So true). Its not a very porous bowl (its surface is comparable to that of a plate) 100% food safe. 

If you think ants might be a problem, get bowls designed to stop them. There are a few designs out there. A heavy bowl is good if they like to scoot the bowl around a bit, especially the water bowl. Potus can't move his water bowl around but his forceful licking off his food bowl (must get every trace of food!!!!) means the bowl sometimes travel a bit around the kitchen. We don't mind, but if you do get a heavy bowl.

Ceramic all the way!

Thanks so much for the responses!  We're going to get a stainless steel bowl.  


While browsing through the many options, I noticed there are two distinct options in shape.  There are the ones where it's shaped like a "U."  The other one is shaped like a "M" where the bowl-part is the "V" part of the M with the sides propping it up (I hope the descriptions make sense).


Are there any differences between the two different options in terms of function?


It might just be me but I couldn't get the pic.
If I  am thinking correctly the M shape one can't be tipped.


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