What do you guys think the best dog food is? Or what have you had good results with? I am currently feeding my dogs Nutro Max, and since they have been on it they seem to be throwing up and having diarrhea. My corgis have only thrown up a couple of times since they have been on it, but my lab seems to not be able to keep anything down, and he has diarrhea almost on a daily basis. I have been doing some research on it after hearing some bad things about it, and I have noticed that a lot of people are having similiar problems with it. Looking to change their food immediately, so just kind of wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

I was looking into switching to Blue Buffalo or Wellness, but didn't know how either of those were? Just kind of want to stay in that price range. Any advice helps!


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They have dog food that is meant for sensitive stomach dogs. You can get it in any brand like pro plan or Iams, or blue buffalo. If you want blue buffalo I would try the grain free it's the freedom blue buffalo grains are really hard on dogs tummy because it's hard or there body to digest and if you want a cheaper brand there is a Kirkland brand grain free dog food at Costco and I have heard amazing things about it!!!! Good luck!!!! 

Blue Buffalo and Wellness are both good foods. =) I fed my two Wellness for a while, but it didn't have enough kcals per cup and I was having to feed more of it. Wellness Core is grain-free and would probably be more nutrient dense.  But I switched to Taste of the Wild because it was both grain-free and cheaper than Wellness, and I didn't have to feed as much of it each meal. They've been on it for about 3 years now and they do great on it.

Some other good foods my two did well on are:


Natures's Variety (Both Prairie and Instinct)

By Nature

Eevee, my other dog, ate Nutro in her early years and had constant soft stools and weight problems on it. =/

I have looked in a few pet stores and I've only seen Taste of the Wild in canned form. Do you know if they make it in dry dog food form? Our vet suggested that we try Chase of Taste of the Wild but I would rather not feed him canned food.

It does come in regular kibble. Maybe you could find a retailer on their website that carries it near you?

Many of the retailers that sell Taste of the Wild don't even seem to advertise it.  If you are near a Cal Ranch or a Tractor Supply, I've found it at those places before, like in the middle of nowhere almost, and I never would have known because it's not advertised on the Taste of the Wild website lol.  Some other feed stores might carry it, as well as any smaller pet stores.

I feed Chase Blue Buffalo, at first I just fed him regular Blue Buffalo but after discovering that he is allergic to wheat I switched him  to grain free (Freedom) Blue Buffalo. It seems to have helped with his stomach problems ( horrid gas) but he does not like the taste. He nudges his nose around the food like dogs do when they are trying to cover something with dirt. So I took that as a "This food is awful, mom."
I tried not to switch brands at first but it looks like I'm going to have to. Blue Buffalo is a great choice in dog food, but I can't make Chase eat something he doesn't like. I am looking into different brands of quality dog food.

Kaitlyn try Costco Kirkland grain free dog food with salmon. Amazing for dogs with skin and stomach problems and have heard dogs live it. It's also cheap like $30 for a 40 lbs bag!!! I'm switching to it. 

There was a poll on this not too long ago...what do you all think of Royal Canin. Ramji absolutely loves it, but the first ingredient is Chicken Meal (?)....I got it because the vet said it was a good brand but I thought the first ingredient should always be some sort of real meat....any opinions?

Chicken meal is real meat.  It's all the chicken, ground up and concentrated into a dry meal form.  Chicken meal is good.  Chicken by-product meal is less desirable. Unspecified meat meal (not labeled chicken, beef, or whatever) is something to stay away from, because if they don't specify the meat source, they can pretty much put anything they want in there.

I feed Livesmart from smartpak and it's first 5 ingredients are excellent...they also deliver it monthly. It's a very conveneient and excellent food. they'll send you 3 or 4 days supply to try out, by the way. Wellness just had a big recall for salmonella. You can check this out at smarkpak.com


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