Whether it be home-made dog biscuits or sneaky gobbles of human food, what treats do your companions enjoy? 

I know Ace likes to munch on slices of apples during this blistering summer!


Also welcome: fun stories regarding treats and snacks, dinner time, suggestions for other users, etc.

Corgis love to eat, but I understand that they can be EXTREMELY picky when it comes to snacks and foods! I was looking for healthy ideas for my own pooch (and I'm sure other users would enjoy the advice).


Please share :)

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After the homemade doggie treats I think frozen green beans rank right up there!

Waffle used to love fruits until I started feeding him raw meat. :|  Now he spits out every plant-based thing I give him.  -sigh-  


I always give him some of my food, so I imagine that is his favorite.  He goes bonkers for a hunk of marinated chicken!  Burger meat is pretty delicious.  He gets normal dog cookies and those have not diminished in favor.  He's extremely picky about his food, but he will eat almost anything if I call it a cookie (including plant things if I make him work hard enough).  

I give my pups whatever I eat (only food that are safe for dogs of course).  Ein and Brian enjoyed bits of lobster tail and mussels today and my bf thinks that our dogs eat better than the Queen of England's dogs because I gave them lobster.
Special treats??? It seems that they like to eat whatever they see us eat. I want to give them the best any human food is just not meant for them. My Coco and Dino are real con artists and try to tell me that my food is okay for them, but I dont want to take a chance and that is why they should only get food meant for them and not human food
Ginger will eat ANYTHING!  Her favorite extra specialy, only on rare occaision treat, is by far dill pickles.  She will run through her whole bag of tricks without me even asking when she sees I have pickles.  It's crazy. 

Mine eat pretty much anything. Apples, oranges, nectarines, carrots, beans, broccoli, any sort of meat, etc. The only thing I can recall them really turning down was celery. Their favorite thing in the world is when I get out a bag of shredded cheese and toss a little on the floor haha.

My girls love ice cubes... they go crazy over them.  They also love carrots and an occasional potato chip!  My youngest Poppy likes lettuce too.


I haven't tried ice cubes with Ace; right now it's so hard to get him to concentrate on anything when his treat bag is in sight. He loves getting nibbles of cooked chicken or beef (from my own supper), and I've heard of some users freezing dog treats in ice cubes to entertain their little brains.


I know I've heard pumpkin and sweet potato slices can help with indigestion.


One time we had friends over and were making ice cream sundaes and my old dog was sitting near the kitchen so my friend got it in his head to squirt some whipped cream in his mouth. Well that was the end of that! Whenever the dogs would hear the whipped cream can they would come running! They loved having sprayed in their mouth!
Besides there favorite Frosty Paws (now in "dibb" size-yay!), Woz and Newton love their Purina Meaty D'lites. I love them because they're only 10 calories!
Ours eat anything that don't eat them first.  Ice cubes are big, I made them Corgi ice cream bars ( found on here), carrots are big, cheese. They all get a bite of whatever we have within reason.  Yesterday they had fresh green beans, big hit. I was breaking the G beans and dropped a couple on the floor ( bad hands) from between my legs I see a nose.  Slowly it moves forward and snaches a bean and runs away. Crunch-crunch in other room.  I hear her come back and same thing slowly creeps in and off goes another bean. i never let on and kept dropping one so often.  I finish and go through the house and there is several piles of beans around the house.  I told them you better eat your beans and each dog when to a pile and woofed them down.  So funny

When we first brought Ein home he wasn't very interested in treats or food of any kind. The shock and all of being in a new place. It has now been over three weeks with him and he is slowly turing into the "hoover" that I hear corgi's can be. So far his favorites are cheese and some chicken jerky (for dogs- "happy hips"). Today we picked up some ends from our local deli and gave him a special treat of roast beef, turkey, and chicken pieces all mixed into his kibble. Needless to say dinner was gone in record time! I can't wait to try making home made dog biscuits.


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