I am beginning to see that I'm not alone in my frustrations of bringing up a mischievous and troublesome Corgi puppy. Just when I'm starting to see a little improvement in behavior, my dog will act up again. Misery loves company, so I'm wondering, "What trouble has your Corgi gotten into today?"

Let me start the list:


-shredded and destroyed magazines and newspapers

-stolen a medication prescription from inside my purse and tore it up

-stolen food and items from the coffee table

-ripped up our living room rug

-tore a hole in my clothing

-eaten 2 holes into the living room carpet...even when we had an overlying carpet to prevent her from doing so!

-jumped onto the dining room table and stood there on all 4 short legs eating out of our cereal bowl like she had done nothing wrong

-destroys and disembowels newly bought toys in <1 hour

-eats doggie and deer poop

-eats woodchips and swallows them whole...then eliminates poop embedded with woodchips

-jumped onto my bed with her short legs!

-destroyed my living room pillows

-destroyed some of my inner ear hair cells when she barks loudly, obnoxiously, and incessantly

-runs away from us with lightening speed when she's done something wrong


With time, I hope she will outgrow her naughty "terrible twos!"

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today machete took a dump on a live bee.

Nellie has basically done all of that, and likes stealing things and giving them a good chew/shred before dropping them for my trade treat. It's like two treats for the price of one -- she gets to get all the fun out of her stolen item, and then gets another treat when she's bored with it.

How old is your pup? Nellie hasn't gotten to the stage where she tears up toys yet. She also can't jump onto couches and things yet but she sure tries.

Nope....they never outgrow the terrible twos.  I have an 8 year old and an almost 11 year old.  They will eat any food that is within reach if you turn your back.  If you give them an ice cream or cereal bowl to lick out Max will steal the bowl right out from under Katie's nose.  Max can't jump up on stuff because of his neck but the cats help him by knocking cake pans on the floor, one vet trip for a chocolate cake, one very upset tummy from a spice cake...Katie does jump.  They will herd and discipline the cats...loudly.  They will tell me a leaf blew down the street...loudly.  Max will chew/shred any napkin/kleenex/piece of stray paper within his reach.  Max hogs my pillow at night.  This morning when Oliver and Gemma (cats) were chasing each other up and down the stairs hissing and spitting at 6 am..which did not wake me up since I am hearing impaired...Max barked right in my ear to tell them to stop.  That I heard.

Let us not forget the tennis balls, squeaky toys, Bobos that have met their demise by corgi teeth.  Or that Katie has licked all the paint off the baseboard behind where I put her food dish just because maybe some food got on there...thank goodness it's not paint with lead in it.

So no, they never outgrow it.

Now if you want some real damage try an Irish Wolfhound puppy....that weights 80 lbs at 6 months.  When Duffy was teething he ate the footboard off my daughter's bed, 2 antique trunks, the legs on one fireside chair, the cross piece on the bottom of the kitchen table, legs on 2 kitchen chairs and the woodwork where the baby gate was attached which led to him chewing thru the telephone wire. I have come to the conclusion that wolfhounds like wood.

Jeff is about 10 months old and is slightly less naughty now. Although I know to expect him to start again! He has eaten countless socks, chewed the shoelaces off of many shoes, and devoured a 100% wool sweater from Banana Republic! Once he ate all the poop in my boyfriend's cat's litter box, and just a few weeks ago jumped into a pond chasing after geese! He's chased after kids running down the street and would not come back, and when a friend moved into a brand new house- Jeff took a big dump in the middle of their newly carpeted basement!

Ohhh yes, Ein decided my workout look was not sexy enough so she made me crotchless yoga pants! So thoughtful of her. When she turns into the whirling tasmanian devil it is a sign she needs More Exercise. That and she is learning the phrase "don't destroy".

All that in just one day??? LOL, what a little hellion!

So far today, Sky's been really good. He snuck under my bed and very quietly chewed one of the wooden slats. He ate some dirt from a hole in the neighbor's front yard (on leash, while I was talking to the neighbor). He pooped out some threads that I think he chewed off the old towel in his crate. (No more towel in crate.) He stole a sock when I was unloading the dryer and ran away with it. He ate my library receipt (in conjunction with his clandestine slat-chewing operation under the bed, where it must have fallen).

I'm thinking his diet must be deficient in cellulose, trace minerals found in soil, and cotton fiber. With all the money I'm spending on premium quality dog food, you'd think this wouldn't be a problem.

I took Waffle to therapy with me and then he came to work and was perfect.  I got several remarks akin to "He should be a service dog" or "He can come back any time".  I guess he is an atypical Corgi. ;3  

Probably the worst trouble he got in was he barked once at a loud noise in the office. haha

yeah, machete doesn't destroy things. or chew things that are not his things to chew. he doesn't even bark at the cats. and he came to my office today and was just the perfect little gentleman.

you know, except to that bee.

Well cost wise after my ex Partner locking Oscar in one day for too long he peed on the expensive carpet in the lounge was unable to get the stains out due to light colour of carpet. Unable to get same carpet as discontinued line had to have it made cost thousands but Hey it wasn't Oscar's fault!!! he was young we had a doggie door installed never had the problem again!!!

Good solution but a problem in northern climes where we have two doors to seal out the cold.

My husband has me almost talked into a puppy next time....I may need to rethink that.  I have enough problems with adult corgis!  All 3 of mine have been adult rescues.


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