I am beginning to see that I'm not alone in my frustrations of bringing up a mischievous and troublesome Corgi puppy. Just when I'm starting to see a little improvement in behavior, my dog will act up again. Misery loves company, so I'm wondering, "What trouble has your Corgi gotten into today?"

Let me start the list:


-shredded and destroyed magazines and newspapers

-stolen a medication prescription from inside my purse and tore it up

-stolen food and items from the coffee table

-ripped up our living room rug

-tore a hole in my clothing

-eaten 2 holes into the living room carpet...even when we had an overlying carpet to prevent her from doing so!

-jumped onto the dining room table and stood there on all 4 short legs eating out of our cereal bowl like she had done nothing wrong

-destroys and disembowels newly bought toys in <1 hour

-eats doggie and deer poop

-eats woodchips and swallows them whole...then eliminates poop embedded with woodchips

-jumped onto my bed with her short legs!

-destroyed my living room pillows

-destroyed some of my inner ear hair cells when she barks loudly, obnoxiously, and incessantly

-runs away from us with lightening speed when she's done something wrong


With time, I hope she will outgrow her naughty "terrible twos!"

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I show my dog a treat before I let him out "leash less" (no fence) to go potty.  He sometimes comes back in to try to get the treat first.  I yell "potty!" (I've been saying the word every time he does it when on leash) and he goes back out and does the deed.  He knows what is expected.  Then he comes back in for his treat.  One of the benefits of keeping him a little bit hungry....

I have been pretty lucky considering how many corgis I have. My box spring has taken several hits and the material is almost gone and also the computer chair leg but other than that I have had minimal damage.

Yesterday I came home from work to find Oscar waiting for me at the door.

That would have been awesome, except that I had left him that morning in his ex-pen on the other side of the house. The little escape artist figured out how to climb out of it! He's four months old now and not so little anymore, I guess. Fortunately he was fine and the worst damage was the little hole in the paint where he (I can only assume) had been trying to dig a way around the baby gate at the base of the stairs. Sometimes he is just too smart for his own good!

Well he has to get into doggie jail when I leave the house (a hall area sealed off with a child fence).  Otherwise he shreds books and magazines.  He does shred certain toys rather quickly but they are his to shred.  

He doesn't seem to think that jumping up on the furniture is something he can do.  If you lift him up he will jump off, but he so far has never jumped up on.  

Odd about the barking.  Ours never barks.

This evening we were watching TV while we were eating our hamburgers and I hear Max barking.  I look around to see where he is and what he's barking at.  He's laying under the kitchen table on his side barking...without even picking his head up.  I guess helping me do windows today tired him out so much that he was too tired to come in and beg for some hamburger so he wanted us to come to him. 

Momo is quite a lil terror when he wants to be.
his list is as follow: 

  • petsmart toy shark
  • petsmart toy crunching (plastic bottle ball)
  • other every other toy that has been bought, that i can't seem to remember of his (a whole box full)
  • crate blanket
  • bedroom crate's bed lining
  • bedroom crate's plastic hanging bowl
  • leashes
  • my summer dresses (during his first 2 months with us- nippy stages)
  • my and hubby's undergarments and socks
  • bathroom garbage q-tips
  • the tabs on the back of our sneakers (he doesn't chew our shoes, just the LITTLE tabs on the back)
  • the kitchen wall corner and kitchen wooden panels
  • trying to sneak into the bathroom for the q-tips, when he thinks NO ONE is in the bedroom, except for the fact that he doesn't see me laying on the bed, and when he DOES HEAR me, he runs out and acts as if i didn't know he's going into the bathroom for the q-tips in the garbage tin.

ONE thing that i do find quite amusing is that MOMO will know when he has done something wrong and knows that he's caught.  we'll walk him over to the bedroom crate and tell him TIME OUT, and he'll walk into the crate (by himself) and we shut the door behind him and he stays in there between 5-15 mins until we let him out.

he may be young, but i think like most kids, he is testing his boundaries and pushing buttons to see what he can get away with.  
love him sooo much, but sucha pain sometimes.  <3

Booker has yet to destroy anything besides his moose antlers and a few bully sticks! He's 4 months old though, I'm either lucky or the worst has yet to come. 

Today Reginald and I have been battling the cat food. He will not stay out of it. He eats his dog food just fine when we're at my boyfriend's house, but the minute there is cat food around he thinks it's a buffet.


My boyfriend gave me a nice basket full of gifts for mother's day (jeff is my only "child" hehe) and it included some Kong tennis balls that squeak. Almost instantly Jeff pulled out and ate the squeaker part... ugh! 

Sky did the same thing to a small Kong squeaky tennis ball. The squeaker is too easy to detach and swallow. Those should be taken off the market or redesigned.

Not today - but within the week, my 13 year old Bear somehow found/ate part of a deceased bunny, nearly perished and cost me 1600.00.  Thanks to Dr. Bates at James City Veterinary Clinic, Bear has recovered from the episode.  It was so scary!!!

Nancy....how very scary!  Glad Bear is ok now.  I worry about mine getting the mice that the next door cat leaves in  my yard or the birds the hawks drop.


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