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Just wondering when ya'lls Corgis stopped growing?  Piper is about 7 months old and weighs 19 pounds.  

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Franklin was almost 2 before he stopped. He has topped out at around 30 pounds. He was between 19 and 22 for a really long time, really lanky and skinny. He then filled out a lot around 1 1/2-2 years old so now he isn't skin and bones lol

They usually stop growing around 8 months then they start filling out all the way till there two! Sammie is 11 months and 31 pounds. But she's also half lab.

Emi hasnt been putting on much weight anymore, she was 19 lbs when she was 8 months old, and now she is 11 months old and is only 22 lbs now haha piper may just be a petite corgi like my emi is :)

Our breeder told us a Corgi reaches adult weight at three years, until that time it can fluctuate. Bogart was 17 lbs at 6 months and has reached 25 lbs at 9 months.


They will usually fill out until they're 2 or so.


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