As it looks like I'm finally going to be able to move into my own house relatively soon (I will find out tomorrow, Thursday, if I'm approved for the loan), I need to start looking for a vacuum and I want a Dyson but I don't know which one to get.  The Animal costs a LOT to me and I don't think I want to spend that much money, would the DC25 work fine?  There are going to be two Corgis in this house at some point and possibly a Siberian Husky depending on what my boyfriend decides so the fur is really going to fly!

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I have the yellow one and really like it. I didn't want to spend more than that. I don't think my daughter didn't really liked the one with the ball but not sure.

I'm not sure which one mine's the regular standard one without the ball (DC 14 maybe?). It works great though. My only complaint is it makes an awful noise when I use it on my oriental rugs...


If you don't mind waiting often has refurbished ones for a good price, that's where I got mine. has them too

I think I have the DC25 Animal.  I think the only difference between the animal and the regular is the type and number of attachments, and the color.  Both should do it!  My Dyson is the best thing to ever have happened to my apartment.  It takes a lot more maintenance than a regular vacuum because it gets more junk out--so I am cleaning the brushes very often and dumping the cannister twice or more per room.  That's a small price to pay for a fur-free carpet though.  (And it really does make my carpet fur-free!)

I have the Animal, and the only real difference between it, and the other models is the attachments that come with it. Dysons are amazing vacuums, and TOTALLY worth the hefty price tag! I've had mine for about 4 years, and it still sucks up fur as well as it did when it was new!
I second Jane, if you can wait for to have them, they sell refurbished ones for reduced prices. I think they had some up yesterday though, so it might be a week or two before they have them again.

Good luck!

Never used a Dyson, but I have a Shark Navigator that I love and it is much less expensive than Dyson products.  It has handled the pet hair like a champ.

How old is your Shark Navigator? I used to sell vacuum cleaners, and any Shark product I sold, was returned within a month. I'm curious if they have improved their products since then :)

The Dyson rocks!  I will say that I have the Animal but I think you would be fine without the motorized attachment. I only use it on the stairs.  What I use ALL the time/EVERY time is the upholstery tool with fabric.  I do the couch at least once a week and it works well.  So well, in fact, that I have used it so much the fabric has nearly come off!  Good luck!

I have some kind of Hoover Wind Tunnel and honestly it got reviews almost as good as the Dyson in Consumer Reports, and costs less than half the price (around $150). I really strongly encourage anyone set to make a big investment to check w/ Consumer Reports first. Just my opinion.

We've had it for a few years. The suction never diminishes, there is one filter that is easy to clean and does not need to be replaced. It's bagless. The hoses/etc don't get clogged. The handle folds down, cord retracts, it's good on hard floors and carpets. It's very maneuverable. We love it and we saved $300 by not getting a Dyson.
Oh, and it does such a good job that we need to empty the canister every time we use it, even though we only have one room with an area rug and vacuum several times a week.

It's something like this one, but it's not the pet model:

I figure even if I have to replace it every 4 years I'll still spend less than I would on a Dyson.

Okay I know I posted this ages ago but I still haven't gotten my vacuum :)  I have not seen one of these Wind Tunnels in the store (K-Mart is all we have in town and it really sucks but I don't think I saw it at Wal-Mart either which is about 20 or so miles away), what is the canister capacity for yours.  I have been using my grandma's Shark Navigator which is amazingly quiet for a vacuum but the canister capacity is ridiculously small, especially since I don't vacuum all that often and I have to dig into the canister to get the hair out which I'm not fond of either.  So I need a vacuum that will hold a decent amount of crap so I can do my basement carpet without having to dump it a billion times.

I have the DC40 with the ball. Let me just say it was the BEST PURCHASE EVER if you own a corgi that sheds as much as mine does. The first day I got it, I vacuumed my entire house twice and it was unbelievable how much fur, dust, and dirt it pulled up compared to my old crappy vacuum. I also purchased the groom tool that attachs to the vacuum, my corgi wasn't fond of it at first but with rewards and repeated use she tolerates it and it really helps get the hair off of her (straight into the vacuum!)

I had the chance to buy the DC40 from someone here in town because they bought a Rainbow so they were selling the Dyson for $200 but I had no money to buy it :(  It went down to $150 before someone had gotten it (and before I was able to come up with the money).


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