Within the past six months, I have lost two of my three corgis (aged 14 and 13).  Aside from my personal grief, Linus, aged 8 is now left alone with me.  Please talk to me about whether I should consider another "adult" female corgi to help fill the playmate gap.  We shall move forward, but the space Bear and Tasha have left behind is so terribly deep.  Thank you so very much.  Nancy

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I am so very sorry...it is hard enough to lose one but both of them in such a short time has to be just devastating for both of you.

How is Linus around other dogs...does he seems to want to play or get close to them?  Dogs do grieve and most definitely feel the emptiness when they have had a long time companion.  Maybe look around, take Linus to visit any possible playmates and see how they react together.  I have not been in that position so I don't have any experience in it.  I'm sure there are those on here who do and they can be of help to you.

It is so hard to lose them and two so close together is really tough. If you could find a very mild mannered pup or another corgi it may really help him and you get over this lose. A very rambunctious puppy at this time might be unwelcome. Really only you can determine if you are ready for another dog right now.

Of course I will encourage you to open your heart and home to another four legged friend, whether Corgi or not.  Even if Linus does not play, they still love the companionship of another buddy if they have been used to being part of a pack.  He can adjust to being an only dog, if necessary, but the right addition to the family will warm both your heart and his and someone, somewhere out there, is waiting for a forever home like yours.

I agree with Anna...

Deepest sympathies... I have been in your shoes. In 2011 We lost Payton in August and Lexus in Oct, leaving Zinfindel alone for the first time in his life.  After a month of overzealous greetings and strange howlings we realized He needed a companion of some sort. Thus, in Nov we found Alfie via corgi rescue of america on FB.  ZIn went back to normal as we worked to rehabilitate Alfie to learn to trust people and other dogs again.  Alfie is 13 yrs old now and one of the greatest corgis ever though he has lots of medical issues.  In May 2015,  Zin crossed the bridge at age 16yrs.  With Alfie's health issues, I am very fearful that we will lose him in the near future causing a repeat of 2011.  We would then be left with Evie, whom we got last year via a courtesy post by North Texas Corgi Rescue.  

IF you see that Linus seems lost and you can find another pup to fill the hole in the family, I would recommend doing it.

bottomline... I agree with Anna

 Walt the Greyhound came to live with us when Anna the German Shepherd was about 7 or 8. He was the same age. "Play" was not what they did, since they were past the puppyish age. They coexisted happily, though.

Anna refused to eat for a week after Walt died. She was 12 years old at that time, and pretty incapacitated. So I felt it wasn't a good idea to bring another dog in for her to have to adjust to. But at 8, if both dogs are healtht and not very crabby, you should be able to get away with it.

When we adopted Mowgli, our male Cardigan, he was around a year old. Pixie, our Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix was 11 yrs. old.  We live on 10 acres and Pixie, for a couple of years already, just stayed close to the house when let out and was getting "old" in her ways.  After we got Mowgli, she started going all around with him and absolutely loved him. She is now 16 and has been deaf for 2 years, but is still going strong and still follows him around. I actually rely on that since she cannot hear me if I call her. They never played, but developed a strong bond.   Mowgli and our Mini-Dachshund do play, they have a totally different relationship.  Mowgli has brought untold joy to us as well... A win-win all around.


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