The vet called and she thinks we need to test for Addison Disease.  Bucher is 10, will be 11 in October, my husbands first thought is his age and quality of life.  I want to have the test done, anyone dealing with Addison's disease???  I think I have lots of reading to do to figure this out!!!

Bucher is having issues again!  It started about 3 weeks ago when we noticed him licking the snow a lot!  He has been living up north with my husband so I don’t get to watch everything like when he is with me.  He hasn’t wanted his breakfast, but dinner he is eating normal.  Last Wednesday my husband had a class and in a panic called and said that he found crystals on the bed from Bucher.  It is so hard not being there to see in person!!  I called my vet and he thought it strange that there wasn’t any fluid with the crystals and wanted us to get him x-rayed asap!!!  I ended up being so nervous that I took off work and drove 4 hours up north to check out vets up there.  After my husbands class got out he took the crystals to a vet clinic in Phelps just to see what they thought.  After looking at them and noticing holes in each stone it was determined that they came from the citrine beads that I had sewn on his collar when we had the spleen issues!!!  That turned out to be a good laugh by all, but Bucher still just doesn’t seem quite right.  My husband came home Monday so I could take him to our normal vet and now I’m waiting on blood tests….Hoping for some good Corgi vibes from here!!!  It was just April 15th last year that he had his spleen removed so more than a little worried!!!

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Hoping the news is good on Bucher!!!  Healing thoughts from my three and me to Bucher.  Keep us posted.

Ellie and Yuki have their paws crossed, hoping that this is nothing serious! 

Anyone out there dealing with Addison's disease?

You might want to do some reading up on Addison Dogs.  Looks like they have some really great resources and lots of information.  When a diagnosis comes in, no matter what it is, remember that we're all here to help and support you and Butcher.  :)  I know I've seen a couple of corgis on here with Addison's disease, so hopefully they'll be able to help you out further.

My experience with Addison disease was not with a dog, but with my pet Ferret.  He was 10 yrs. old, he had started loosing hair on top of his head and fur was thinning out.  I decided to take him to a Vet in Denver who specialized in Ferrets.  They had never had one come in that was older than 7yrs.old, so  10 was a lot of years for a pet Ferret.  They diagnosed Addison Disease, which is common in Ferrets and wanted to do surgery.  At his age I refused, as he was not in any obvious discomfort and I did not want to put him through that.  He lived another year, regrew all the hair on his head, we even sent the Vet a photo.  By 11 he began to fade and we had him put to sleep.  He passed in the palms of my hands.  He was a big presence in our family for 10 yrs. ( we had adopted him at 1 yr. of age) and I felt I had made the best decision for him.  Hopefully your dog's tests will be good, but whatever the outcome, follow your heart, it's the best we can do.

I have been doing lots of reading.  Still more questions than answers, but waiting for the vet to call me back again.  The thing that makes me wonder about Boo is the difference between how he acts up north with my husband and how he is after he has been with me for a few days.  I am on a very set schedule and don't feed them much "junk food"  while my husband is a police officer with a strange schedule and 12 hour shifts.  He also likes to feed Bucher some of what ever he eats.  The last 3 week stretch that he was with me the "BoosterRoo" was a handful!!! Very demanding and no problems with eating even started playing with the stuffed toys again!!!  ??????

The test to find out for sure if it is Addison's is $200.00, but that doesn't take into account the meds or testing to watch his levels.

Thanks for the support!!! 

I would insist Hubby follow healthy eating for Boo. My husband loves feeding the dogs what ever he is eating but I managed to convince him that the dogs would get very fat and cost a lot of money at the vet due to illnesses caused by their bad diet. I think the cost factor convinced him!

I think that I have his attention!  I don't think that this is a really new problem, I have been noticing the change in Boo since he has been going back and forth between us.  Until we get this figured out I think that he will stay with me and we will try to travel back and forth more so he doesn't miss either of us so much.  This morning he actually ate all of his breakfast at once!  I am really leaning on making their much to figure out!!!

What good strategy Bev!

I am so sorry.  We are like you searching for answers right now related to our Boo.  We Corgi moms can not help wanting answers right this minute can we??  Hang in there sending prayers your way.......Please do the same mine and Juniors way.  ^,,^

Sending corgi hugs and kisses your way.  Have you heard any new on his back?

Hi Lynne,

I knew I had seen someone on here with Addison's Discease...go to the blog posts and look up My Birthday" by Peggy Welsh (Feb. 6th 2012). You might want to read her story. Sorry I don't have any info. Good luck to you and your family!


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