* you carry a furminator in the car...


* you have any item of clothing that has on it the words "bunny butt"...


* pet hair is considered a condiment at your house...


* you put your friends in the following categories: red and white, sable, tricolored....




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When you are wakened by corgi kisses. Then sputter the hair out of your mouth.

When you find (their) toys in your bed.

When all the socks & undies you are missing are found in the Welsh Gnome's Cave (under the bed)

You get all puffed up when a British person points out your dog & remarks: "oh it's just like the Queen's!"

You & a coworker spend the whole busride talking about your corgis.

The bottom of the legs of several pairs of pants are holey from the young puppy stage. sometimes you even walked with the corgi ball-&-chain ankle weight attached.

You also had several wounds in the ankle area at this time...

"daddy" asks what are you making, it smells good. and you reply "Corgi's dinner".

When you're away from home (& corgi) all you do is talk about how (insert corgi name(s) here) would love this or that, and look at all their pictures on your phone.


Pet Hair is a accessory to every outfit you wear!!!!!


You carry towels to throw over seats n your car!!


You find doggie treats in your pockets that you forgot to give them and almost washed them!!!!!

You give up vacuuming the backseat of your car.
When someone tells you about a movie about the Royal family and your first question is "Were there Corgis in it?", and if not you immediately lose interest.
When you're offended when someone calls your Corgi a dog.
When you create your own Corgi calendar of your darling that costs twice as much as the store Corgi calendar and you send one to every family member for Christmas.
When you'd rather not go on vacation if you can't take your Corgi along.
When you get out of your bed to gently lift your Corgi down from your bed so she doesn't injure her knees, and you do it several times in one evening because first she wants down, then she looks at you with those big brown eyes and wants up....
When you give up your hot little red covertible that you adore for a sensible 4-door sedan because there's no backseat and your Corgi is too long to sit comfortably in the front seat...sigh...you know you're a Corgi lover (or you're just plain nuts!!). :o)
When you keep baby wipes by your back door in case SOMEONE isn't feeling so fresh down there.
I'm gonna use this idea! I have been using the "bidet" (spray nozzle) when someone has messy pants...

When you are sitting in your car (or wherever) and get a nose pried under your hand if you are not paying attention to them
When you wake up to the sight of 2 pointy ears pointed your way

When, every time you go shopping, you HAVE to get something for the corgi or you'll feel like a bad parent

When you put her winter sweater on to go play in the snow and you have to roll up the sleeves because they are too long ^~^
Your kids are herded to the table at meal times.

***When you watch a dog show for 2 hours hoping the Corgis haven't already been shown...and then losing your mind when you see them.


***When you've been a member of the San Diego Corgi Meetup Group for about a year...and you don't have a Corgi.


***When you're driving along and almost crash your car on a busy downtown street because you just one being walked


Yep....these are all signs you're obsessed with them and should get one.  I finally am...this weekend (buying then picking him up two Saturdays from now...took a week off work to be with him)!  I'm going nuts waiting to meet the little guy.

Oh you're so lucky!!!   I would love another puppy.   But my baby is so spoiled I doubt she'd put up with someone else getting any attention.  :)   Congratulations!   I know just how you're feeling.  I was a nervous wreck and so excited the day I finally got my daughter, er, dog.   
Congrats! Your life is about to take on a whole new meaning. Post lots of photos for us all to Oooooo and Awwwwwwwwwwwww over!!!!!!


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