Dear Ace,

Today is your second birthday. You have been on this planet for two whole years now, and I swear every day makes me love you that little bit more. The past year has been pretty eventful for you - we introduced a second dog to the household, you had a chance to see sheep for the first time in your life, and a new family friend meant that you could go to the forest to roll in deer droppings more often than ever.

Your recall has become so much better around other dogs, and you are so well-behaved even when off-leash that people marvel at the personal growth you've managed over the course of a year. You never pull on your lead, you do try to mark every lamppost (but I'll forgive you), and you've learned that some dogs are better left alone. You're no longer a puppy; you're a fully grown adult and I think you're the best role model your collie-sister could ever have.

Go and sleep off all that cheese, meat, and smoked bone you received as your birthday meal. Your belly is almost distended because you stuffed your face, but for once I let you gorge. Mind, starting tomorrow you're back on a half-cup a day with green beans, so enjoy this one day a year where I completely spoil you.

I hope there's many more years like this just waiting for us both.

Mummy, Daddy and Lady

P.S. The party hats are a non-negotiable birthday tradition.

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Happy birthday, Ace!

I love that second picture. The look he is giving you is great! :)

This is so cute! Happy birthday Ace!
Love, love, love the birthday pictures! Happy Birthday Ace!

Happy Birthday Ace!! Great pics!!  What a sweet bday letter.  Enjoy your day!!

Happy Birthday Ace...not every corgi can make those hats looks so cute:)

Happy B Day Ace, you're big boy now :)

HAPPPY BBIIRTHDAY BIGGG BOY.  You are one great dog.  My boy tore his hat off and then his sisters but he isn't well trained like you are!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ace! You've come so far.

Lady clearly hates the hat! lol

Happy Birthday you handsome fella!!!  Glad Mommy and Daddy spoiled you for your big day.

Love the pictures!!!

Happy Birthday Ace, glad you all had such a fun day.

Ah.... So cute!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. :-) Yes, Ace had a very lovely day and he didn't even ask for dinner at his usual time - he was too busy snoring with an enormous gut. It was hilarious, he looked positively pregnant with such a huge belly! His morning constitutional today was... er... voluminous. :-D

Lady really disliked the party hats but she tries so hard, bless her, to please us that she just sat there with the most forlorn expression. It was adorable if not a little cruel, hah. :-D


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