Okay so I'm a new corgi Mom. er well new puppy mom period ( never had a pup this young before ) she gets up all super early, thats fine & all to do the Potty thing. But once she does the potty stuff i let her lay up with me up in our bed ( if i put her back in her crate she just digs at the tray but that is the only time she does this the digging in the tray ) i still have her on the leash tho even when shes on the bed so she doesnt get into things that can hurt her. but as soon as shes done doing the Potty stuff she gets really moody. Like she wants off the bed & pretty much pulls & pulls til shes trying to hurt her self, growls & grunts, she stays awake til my fiancee wakes up for work, ( we get up at 6ish am & fiancee gets up at 7 am ) but as soon as my fiancee leaves for work she will steal his spot of the bed & then relaxes and goes to sleep. She has no problem with my fiancee OR anyone for that matter.. so idk what the Heck is going on with her. I make sure she's done with potty time.. i dont rush her or anything. but then shes all moody?! maybe its just she is still getting use to us OR something OR.. I dont know.. Lol. she was from a farm so idk if that might have something to do with it. they had the pups out in a horse stole. but she is super sweet & stuff Other then when she first wakes up at 6 am. has anyone corgi ever did this? Any ideas what i can do to make things easier on both of us. i dont want to make her more moody & i dont want to get that way either.. LOL ideas?

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She might just want" her" side of the bed...don't know just a guess...I did notice with the pups that I had that ...just like children...if they were tired and not getting theei sleep no matter when they would get "crabby"...it took me awhile to figure this out but it became very apparent when one had what I'd call a temper tantrum...took a nap and was fine....we forget sometimes how young these furry children are...just some thoughts...but they do like to be comfortable...usually 1 or 2 of mine claim a pillow until I get to bed...

Congratulations on being a new mom!!!!!
my Harlly is kind of similar, when we would put her in bed with us.. she would growl and mouth and whine unless we were petting her 100% of the time.. she was just very insistent and bossy (she is still very bossy) She doesn't do this as much now, she will settle down at the foot of the bed, but she really just prefers to lay up by the pillows with me and my fiance, it seems she wants to be close to us and one of the people and the center of attention, and if she isn't, she is unhappy and very vocal about it.
Maybe when she wakes up to go potty she thinks it should be play time and she has lots of energy so she won't relax and sleep - but by the time he leaves she is sleepy again?

Even now if I take Tuck (1 yo) out to go potty and then try to go back to bed for an hour he is usually all playful and rambunctious then gets nice and sleepy again by the time I am ready to get out of bed -ha. If I really want to get some extra sleep I tell him 'go to bed' and he lays down in his crate next to my bed.

Have fun with your new pup :)

First of all, congratulations on your new corgi puppy! My puppy, Stella, has always had this incredible energy burst right after I take her out in the morning and then calms down in about an hour. It's exactly like you described- she plays intensely for about an hour and sometimes barks and jumps around, and then I'll look over and she'll be out cold. She really did this a lot when she was really young, and actually still does (she's 5 1/2 months now), but usually just takes out her energy on a bone or chew toy. I have her in a little playpen, and I couldn't imagine trying to put her on the bed! She's just too restless.

Maybe you could get a little playpen for your puppy and put it beside the bed, and if you want to, put her up on the bed when she's calm. That's what I do with Stella. Well, I actually never put her on the bed! Or you could just keep her in her crate until she's calm. She'll eventually stop the digging. Stella used to dig, push and shake her crate sometimes, and I just waited until she calmed down or I put a towel or blanket over it and she would calm down. Hopefully this will help!
Hi Melanie. Do you have a blanket or something soft in the crate tray? If you don't she may be trying to nest. Putter is 2 and he's alway been a morning kind of guy. He gets up with me at 5 races outside then races back in, grabs his bone and does a swan dive into bed with my husband, then jumps back down..... He's trrying to get us both in the room. His herding instict is very strong. Good luck with that sweet little girl. She'll have you trained in no time!
She probably wakes up full of energy, as most puppies do, and wants to play at that prticular time. Hav you tried playing for a little bit before crawling back into bed?
Congratulations on your new puppy. You'll soon learn: the Corgi is the boss, and she firmly believes you are blessed to be in her presence! lol
I have a bed in the crate. that and a towel. but she only digs & in the morning after i try to put her back in. Normally during the day & stuff she has no problem being put in her crate. this is the only time she has an issue with being put in her crate. but ive played with her ive even tried giving her a chew bone.. nothing seem to work. this is only the her 5th night with us so i don't know if she just trying to get her grove or what.. lol I'm just new i guess. Lmao
It makes alot of sense that she wants to play(others ideas)...maybe if you did what you do and spend 15 min.
playing or could stay up till 7 she might be more willingto go back to bed and have that snuggle time!!!
Has she had breakfast yet when she does this? Could she be hungry?
Honestly, it sounds like she has learned how to control you to get what she wants (out of crate, her own side of the bed, playtime in the middle of the night). While a lot of this is probably just puppy behavior, if you reinforce it now it will become a habit and she will start exercising control in other areas. This is something I learned about Corgis when I got my first one. Boy did she have me trained after just a couple of weeks! I finally made strict rules and kept them, even if it meant barking or crying.

Right now your little puppy thinks it's playtime when she wakes up to go potty. The best thing to do, imho, is to put her back in her crate. After a couple nights of digging at the tray, she will stop when she learns it doesn't get her what she wants anymore (warning, it may get worse before it gets better though... puppies tend to "up the ante" when the previous trick stops working). Also, enroll in a puppy kindergarten class. These classes are great because you build a bond with your dog, but one that establishes you as the leader and it will help in all aspects of home life. Furthermore, you will have an instructor to ask these kinds of questions to.
I think she's just trying to find 'her' spot. She's seeing where she fits in to this new arrangement. Domino did/does similar things;

When we put her in bed with us she likes to lay in between us both and snuggle. And if one of us isn't in bed she won't settle. She likes to lay with both of us or none of us.

Also, she's a bit 'pushy' for affection. She'll come climb in my lap, curl up, and then subtly bark at me until I scratch her tummy.

She's a silly girl, but that's why I love her. Your puppy will learn who's boss eventually, and she'll find out where she fits in to her new family. It's an experience bringing up a puppy from a very young age. But it's all worth it.


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