Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I have been on this site!  I think the last time I visited, my Corgi, Stella, turned 2 and she is now 4!  Anyway, it is likely that I will be adding another Corgi to the home soon.  Aside from Stella, I have another dog, Annie, an elderly husky mix (almost 16). The new Corgi is a neutered 1 year old male whose owner cannot keep him because she has another dog (a husky, actually), a small child, and is too busy to continue to care for him.  Annie is calm, partially deaf and blind and pretty much sits and sleeps all day.  She's in the last months of her life, which is why I wanted to take the opportunity to adopt this Corgi.  Stella just turned 4 and is close to Annie, as she has lived with her since she was a puppy.  Stella is pretty bossy and dominant, but obedient (and like any Corgi, she will do anything for a treat!).  Annie corrected her when she was a puppy and has pretty much ignored any dominant behavior she displayed as an adult--and Annie is clearly the top dog even though Stella might grumble sometimes.  Also, Stella guides Annie and helps her outside because she's almost completely blind now.  Stella%20and%20Annie.JPG   I've attached a photo of them together.

I teach and I just started my summer vacation, so I will be home at all times (another reason I chose to take this opportunity now).  Any advice about integrating the new 1 year old boy into the household will be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks!  Nicole, Stella, and Annie

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We've only adopted adult dogs, and we have not had a problem except once (we had to take her back). Most recently we added Connie to our family and it's been great. Congratulations!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your advice!  A lot has happened since I posted this discussion.  We got the new Corgi, Stanley, on Sunday and Annie, the older dog, really loved him.  She got along with him immediately.  Unfortunately, she got sicker with existing problems (she had gotten worse in the past 2 weeks) and she had to be put to sleep yesterday.  She was 16 years old and had a great life after she was rescued at 6 months.  

Stella is obviously going through some big changes now.  So far, she's been OK with Stanley.  She's great on walks with him and shows absolutely no agression outside and even kisses him at the end of the walk.  Indoors, she's grumbly and wants to control attention and food.  Stanley has a sweet and friendly disposition, but definitely needs structure and discipline.  He learns quickly and has already started to respond well to training--for treats, of course!  From what his previous owner said, it seems he was "everybody's Corgi" in his old neighborhood, so he's really friendly with people and also with other dogs--he wants to play with Stella and wags his tail when she comes near him.  The only time he seems to be jealous or agressive is with food (surprise!).  He barks when I give Stella a treat.  So far, we have him partitioned off in his own part of the room and will introduce them eventually indoors.  Stella is a bossy girl, but I also know that she would be miserable by herself and even though she still grumbled at Annie, took care of her and guided her up to her last days.  She's waiting at the door for her now.  :(     Stanley's previous owner keeps in touch and said that if it doesn't work, she would take him back and try to find him another home.  I really hope that it does, though!!  Please send good thoughts to Stella and Stanley!  I've added a photo I took two days ago when Annie was still here:   

Sooooo sorry to hear about Annie :(. I am happy things seem to be going smoothly with Stanley! Yippee!!

So sorry about Annie. It is difficult but hopefully Stanley will work out. He sounds really sweet. A leash in the house can really help when you progress to having them together inside.

Sorry to hear about Annie.   Glad things seem to be going ok with the new guy, though.

We got our Cardigan twin sisters (Star and Scout) when we knew Jeannie and Snoopy weren't going to be around much longer.  It was great for the older dogs - it's nice that Annie got to experience the new family member before passing.    

So sorry about Annie! Glad things are going well for Stanley and Stella...it will take over a month for a full adjustment although many times it happens quicker:) keeping them separated when you can't watch is very good to do for quite awhile! Good luck!

Sorry about Annie, but happy Stanley got her seal of approval before she left her family.  Some part of her may have known she was leaving you all in good hands and she could go...... It bodes well for Stanley.


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