So I'm curious if you guys have thoughts on feeding a food that is touted as appropriate for "all life stages" to a puppy? 

Our Stanley (2 years old) is on one of these foods - Natural Balance.  We recently brought home Charlotte (11 weeks old now) and she's eating the food she was eating at the breeder (Eukanuba puppy).  I had wanted her to eat the same food as Stanley for convenience sake.  I asked the vet how he felt about not feeding her a food that was specifically "puppy" food and he really felt that puppies need different nutrients than adult dogs.  But my vet's philosophies on canine nutrition tend to be old school. 

Also, Natural Balance for example, does not offer a puppy food but I've noticed other brands (such as Merrick, Fromm) that are also supposed to be for all life stage DO offer puppy foods in their line. Why do they do that if their food is for all life stages?  I'm guessing that's for marketing purposes more than anything else. 

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I love my all life stages dog food! I use Taste of the Wild which if you check the ratings is a very good food! BUT I feed my pups the salmon as the protein content is lower (24%) compared to up to 32%. The reason for this is that I do believe they should be considered large breed puppies and therefore need lower protein so as to not get too much too fast. I can feed Wynn my 6 year old the same as pups but I do switch flavors or mix them for the adults. With 6 corgis and pups a couple times a year for me it is a win,win situation as my pups get this when they are weaned:) So for me it is also easier but do check the protein levels...
I'm watching this because Sparky is on Eukanuba puppy also and it's only available at one chain around here. Not very convenient.
I have fed my puppy the Fromm's all life stages food since he was about 10 weeks old and have been very happy with it. Honestly I wouldn't worry to much about your vet's opinion on this one, mine recommended feeding puppy food until he was a year, which I think is ridiculous really. I'm sure my vet would bawk at feeding a large breed puppy formula too, because they're just not familiar enough with the breed to understand why it would be better.

And I think you are exactly right regarding the marketing, the brand loses a huge amount of customer's when they don't offer a puppy food, even if they know it's not necessary. The majority of people will not do that much research into feeding their dog and think they absolutely NEED that puppy formula. When really you want the dog to grow slowly, not quickly.
I use Taste of the Wild too...
Do you guys feed your dogs two times a day?
Stanley is twice a day, we're feeding 3x a day for Charlotte until after she's 4 months old....
And do we need to feed them twice a day until.....forever?
I believe you could feed once a day, although not sure at what age to start once a day feeding. My guess would be shortly after you switch them to twice a day feeding. I know I could never go to once a day feeding with my corgi, who is five now, just cause he is so used to routine. I have also heard that with corgis, you may want to stick with twice a day feeding, because if they have an empty tummy for too long they end up throwing up.
I feed Daisy & Poppy all life stages food. My girls eat Orijen 6 Fish and love, love, love it!! Poppy has had this food since she was 4 months old and Daisy since she was 7 months old.
Mine all get fed a handful 3 times a day. I used to feed 2 times but then with pups and someone usually around it evolved into 3 times. I would suggest at least 2 times a day always!
Puppies should have extra DHA for neurological development. Usually this comes from fish oil or fish meal. If the all life stages food had a fish oil in it, I would probably consider it. If it didn't, I would not.

My breeder recommended a large breed puppy food for slower growth, and honestly that's what I would stick with.


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