Well Kirby went to a new home on trial today. Its funny how things work out. I had several people I was interviewing and talking to about Kirby but as soon as he broke his foot they all lost interest, but one person. She is a student here locally, has raised and worked with rescue dogs, had corgis, and her last dog came from an abusive home. She asked all the right questions and gave me all the right answers  to the questions I asked. She has no other dogs and is home most of the time, except about 2 or so hours when she is gone to class. She is looking for an exercise buddy and Kirby loved her immediately. She signed and agreed to a trial period and if it doesn't work out now or in the future she will be returning him to me. Itold her about his antics and she wanted to get him asap because she wants him settled into her home before school starts. She also lives so close she was excited about the idea of Kirby and Franklin play dates. I think both will love seeing each other, but Franklin was just too overwhelmed with Kirby's constant presence. I'm feeling good about this. She is going to follow up with his rehab and getting him back to being a 4 legged dog again. I'm really crossing my fingers this works out. I feel no regret right now about this decision and Frank seems happy as a clam enjoying a rawhide in peace tonight.  We will see what the next month or two brings.....

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Sounds fantastic:)

I really hope all works out well!

I really hope that works out for you, Franklin, Kirby, and the new owner.

Got my fingers crossed for you!

How awesome for Kirby and for you! After all the work you have done with Kirby, I am glad for you that you found a match for him and that you have peace of mind. 

Wonderful news and it says alot about this woman who is ready to take him now not later:) My bet is that this will be a perfect home for Kirby:) Is she going to join My Corgi??????? I hope so!

Woohoo! I am so glad! You're doing the right thing. :-)

Sounds good!  It's nice that it is someone you will be able to see occasionally to make sure Kirby is ok.  Glad you found the best option for everyone

Sounds very promising, fingers crossed.

That sounds like it may be an ideal situation. Here's hoping they gel together!

I hope and pray this works out for everybody!

I hope it works.  Poor little Kirby -- like so many of us, he just wasn't taught or couldn't learn some of the things we need to know to navigate this world.  Sometimes I think I know just how he feels.

I admire your dedication to him.

Thanks for sharing your story. You have been a real saint trying to work things out with Kirby, and I hope that this new home is the change that he needs to be come a wonderful dog in all ways.


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