Anyone switch their corgi to Taste of the Wild and once completely weaned off, has your corgi's movements been very soft?

I just completed the weaning process for Bailey and she is now on TOTW 100%.  (I weaned her off of her old food for about 2 weeks)  During the weaning process her movements had been fine, but a couple days into TOTW only and today her movements have been very soft.  Has anyone experienced this before?  I heard that it can be normal because the food is grain free and higher in protein and after a little bit her body will adjust, but I just wanted to get some other feedback if anyone out there can share!  And does anyone have a corgi who's stomach will start growling and then stop?  Bailey is certainly not hungry!  But since the food change, late at night it will rumble but she's not in any discomfort.

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I feed Taste of the Wild but can't say this has happened to me. I would just continue to watch it and see if it improves. For the rumble I can't help either unless it's too rich. If it doesn't seem to bother her keep an eye out because if you have to switch right away her tummy/ system could possibly get worse? Sorry I can't give you more feedback!
I have Frank on TOTW but I switched him from another high protein grain-free food and he didn't have any problems. His stool has always been semi-soft on the grain free diet, I've recently started adding Hills T/D to his diet and he is back to normal. I think its just a lack of grain in the diet to firm things up and possibly due to the high protein. He loves the food though.

Thanks, Jane!  I appreciate your help...and I'm thinking the same thing you are.  :)

Thanks, Melissa!  I appreciate the input and Bailey loves TOTW, so I don't want to have to switch foods again.  And I'm thinking the higher protein is what's doing it.  I may need to add another food into the mix if it continues.  Good to know that Franklin's stool has been softer on this diet though.  What food is Hills T/D? 

its a prescription dental food. You can get it at your vet. I only give 4 kibble morning and night, it is a big huge kibble, more like a treat, that has enzymes that help break down tartar and bacteria. We give it to our kennel dogs at my school and a 5 pound bag at my vet was around $17 but fed the way I'm feeding should last a few months. This is also how the vet at my school has instructed us to feed our kennel dogs too, only giving them 4-5 kibble depending on the dog's size. I believe Royal Canin makes a similar diet but the kibble aren't as big and didn't seem to help Frankie's teeth at all. The T/D is already helping his teeth after only feeding it for about a week.

i dont feed teddy TOTW but i do know that during the switching time there body is just trying to get use to the newer food/higher protein and thats why her stool is soft. i hope she adjusts to it well as if her stool stays soft then that food isnt right for her:( i know thats not what we all want to hear but hopefully her body gets use to it . im thinking the grumbling u may be hearing is gas lol i have a lot of people come into petco and want to switch food all the time because of gas.


if you would like, try and add some canned pumpkin to her diet, just a table spoon and not the pie filling

Yes...Seanna's poop switched to being very soft after we switched to TOTW.  Not enough to really worry about except when we walk and I have to try to pick it up.  I just keep her bunny butt trimmed a little better.

Thanks, Jennifer!  It's just comforting to know this is sounding normal and today I'm happy to say her poop looked firmer on our walk this morning.  And I know what you're talking about with those cute bunny butts our pups have!  lol


Thanks, Rebecca!  I've heard about pumpkin, so that's good to know and I might try that for sure.  She definitely is having more gas with this new food so we'll see.  But boy does she love this food!  She can't wait to eat and usually with her kibble, she wouldn't rush to the bowl.


Thanks for letting me know about that special kibble, Melissa.  I hadn't heard of that before.  Good stuff to know.  :)  I was really happy when she went this morning and it was a lot firmer...

We're in the process of switching Sid to TOTW. If I notice anything squishy I'll let you know. So far so good :)
Just wanted to pass on some good info:) When Bella was sick I called TOTW to make sure they hadn't changed anything with their food. I was asked a few questions and then they sent the info to their vet and the vet called me back in less than 15 minutes! I was impressed and she awnsered all my questions plus was very informative! Nowadays to get in touch with a real person is darn near impossible!
The same thing happened to me I tried giving it to my 4 month old puppy zeus and he had stomach issues also and soft stools, so I quit giving it to him, I am still on the look out for the best food for him.

Thanks, Geri!  LOL!  Bailey's poop was good yesterday and hopefully it stays like that!  But, let me know if you notice anything different...especially after Sid is completely off his old food.  Good luck!  :)


Hi Jane...thanks for letting me know that...yes it is impossible to speak to a live person anymore and to get to speak to a's very comforting and impressive.  So far Bailey's poop is looking good again...I've just noticed that she has gas...but I'm hoping that won't last long and I think I'm going to try the Salmon TOTW and see if that fairs a little better. (since it does have less protein)  I hope Bella is still feeling much better!  :)

the good thing about the salmon is its less calories too! :-)


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