Rafa is our first tri, having had red & whites my whole life. Someone once told me that tris are more mischievous and based on Rafa's behavior, I'm starting to think there may be some truth to this, haha. What do the rest of you think?

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Lol, I just replied on your page to this and then noticed you posted it. My Tri, Sparty, is definitely the smartest dog I have ever had which did translate into the most difficult puppy. However, I did learn that if I made something important enough for him he figured out what I wanted very quickly. He is certainly the quirkiest of my corgis! Both of my red and whites have been very sweet and not as smart.
Mine is, Livvy took 2 years before she settled down and found a job(fetch) that she likes to do. She was never naughty just more high energy but the vet said her heartbeat was much slower than Wynn's so he said she was actually calmer...never would have guessed that!
@ Jane. 2 years. 2 years. Say it's not so!
Rafa is high energy and very naughty. This boy LOVES to be bad. You should see his nub wiggle when he has something in his mouth that he shouldn't have and he won't drop it. He wants you to chase him and make a game out of it. He loves grabbing our napkins when we're eating. Most of this is puppy hi-jinks, and I take responsibility for not giving him enough things to do and missing obedience class yesterday because of a football game. Bad Wendy. He's my first tri and I adore him, but he is different. He's also a puppy rescue. I've had corgi rescues before, but never this young. I got Rafa at 16 wks. We've had him for 3 months, but it feels like 3 years, LOL. He's a humbling experience for me, that's for sure. I've owned Corgis my whole life, but he takes the cake. Or maybe I'm just getting old and my memory of training puppies past isn't as strong as my memories of them as adults. All perfect. HAHA. But, he's the first puppy that ever peed in my BED and he did it TWICE. Boys!@#$%
Speaking of napkins it reminds me of one of my many Sparty stories. Early on Sparty figured out that if anyone was going to drop food it would be my Father-in-law so he stuck with him when he was over for dinner. Often that would turn into Sparty grabbing his napkin and racing off with it. Once, Dad, at the end of the meal said "Look I kept my napkin all through the meal" where upon he lifted it up and it was a small shred of the original paper napkin! Sparty had taken bites out of it with out Dad realizing it. At 12 I have started to miss those days but I know I am only remembering the fun stuff and not the ones that made me crazy.
@ Bev - literally LOL at that napkin story. I live to look back at the good old days when Rafa was the worst puppy in the world!
@ Wendy... at one pointI really wondered if I could keep Livvy but she has so many great qualities that started to show maybe closer to 18 months:) I was visiting my grandson the other day and I walked in and he said"Livvy" I had to tell him no!Grandma felt terrible!!!!!! She is a people dog also and Rafa will come around! You'll just have to help him figure out his "job"! Then someday you will be sooooooooo happy with him!
@Jane, Oh no! Another year before Rafa's "great qualities" shine. Just kidding. I know he's a keeper and I just have to stay the course. He might be happier in a house with kids or a litter mate to chase him around––better yet, a home where he can wear himself out working herds of cattle and sheep. Lucy used to love for us to chase her and she'd instinctively run in big herding circles. Then we got Rafa and she refuses to run with him. We got soccer balls, at the recommendation of many mycorgi members. Neither Rafa nor Lucy are very interested in them.
How about Agility? I was fortunate during Sparty's "formative" years that there was an obedience instructor by us that had $6 drop in sessions twice a week for people that had already been through basic class. Most of the folks there came to prepare for competition but I went regularly anyway. It was great for Sparty and me because I tended to be a bit of a push over and Sparty was very pushy. Training tires them out mentally as well as physically in a good way. Fortunately Rafa is better off with you than a young family because his antics would have him discarded in a busy home just as Sparty's would have. My husband always tells Sparty how lucky he is because most people would have turned him over to the pound. Hmm, maybe that is part of the reason that Sparty growls at him!!
Jack was bold enough that he wasn't allowed out of the kitchen on the main floor for months. He ate a window sill in the three minutes it took me to run upstairs and grab something. Outside, he would dig a huge hole in a ridiculously short period of time, and as a puppy he would try to wander up the street if you put him down on the ground with no leash.

He loved to steal stuff and play keep-away with it, and keep-away is still his favorite game, though he outgrew the stealing.

We're living through a Jack type puppy. Rafa is w/o doubt the most difficult corgi I've ever owned. I have to believe that he will be the best adult I've ever owned. I'll keep you posted!
I think of Jack differently than I've thought of other pets I've had. With other pets, I feel like I'm the nurturer, the caretaker. Jack is more like a partner. The closest comparison I have is how I used to feel about a favorite pony I used to ride all the time at a lesson stable when I was a teenager.

I don't think of Jack as being bold. He's smart and thoughtful, and confident in his own decision-making abilities. And he does make good decisions. I trust him. I have learned that with him, I need to show him that my way will benefit him too. He's loyal, sensitive, and responsive. He will also never be that dog who is 100% obedient.

My girl is sweet and she listens and lives to please. But if I had to bet on which of my dogs would be able to fend for themselves for a week on the streets (not that I would ever do such a thing), I am quite certain Jack would be fine and Maddie would get herself in over her head sometime during the first day.
Beth,I never knew this! It's funny to read but I'm sure at the time....you had other thoughts!


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