I was sitting in the grove enjoying the weather when Bella was a bit aways in tall grass. I finally got up as she wouldn't come when I called her several times. First I thought it was mice and then realized it was baby bunnies...anyone have any ideas if she'll get sick? I will call the vet to see when I should worm her.  Wynn managed to get one or 2 when he saw what she had...  Oh, Bella!!!!!!!!!

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I don't think it will hurt her. Tape worms are the only real threat. Chances are, since they were babies, she won't even get those, but I'd give her some tape worm med anyway in about 3 weeks. 

They're just like kids, aren't they? When they're being quiet, you'd better go see what they're getting into! LOL

That wolf gene still lurks in there.  I had Gromit out at dusk one time and a small dove popped up off the ground right in front of him as he walked.  He reacted instantly and grabbed it out of the air.  I yelled "Drop it!" and he did but it was too late for the dove.  He's such a gentle guy and it was so out of character for him but a reminder that all dogs are derived from wolves.  Trip the right behavior switch and they will act on instinct.

Ragnar caught a baby mouse about a month or so ago, with some help from the cat. He just held it in his mouth and made no attempt to crunch it. But the poor thing died from sheer fright. Last year, Kelso hopped on a baby bird under our feeder. Again, absolutely no attempt to do anything to it--he just carried it around in his mouth until we could get it away from him. I *think* it fared better--it hopped away under the shed and we never saw a body, so hopefully it went on to live a happy life.

If my dogs find mice they like to flip them in the air...ruthless Corgis they are:( I don't think they will hurt birds as we have chickens and they have learned to "leave it"...that didn't work for the baby bunnies though!

We have a parrot, so maybe Kelso just thought he could bring in a little friend for him. 

Happy albeit traumatized life!

She may have needed a good blood meal to recoup from her recent litter.  I have bird feeders so birds come and go but there have been 3 dead birds but only one was tasted.  It is not unusual for them to fly into the windows so I suspect that Randy stumbles only stunned birds.

Our Luna recently gorged on some baby birds too. Some vomiting and diarrhea, no other serious effects. Sigh.


It hasn't hurt Misty so far although she never managed to eat much. It is so sad but perfectly normal in doggie world, kinda like rolling in poo.

I doubt there will be any ill effects.  She might throw up since it's not food she's used to.  I agree I'd probably either worm her, or (even better) bring in a stool sample in a few weeks.

Tape worms rarely show up on fecal tests,  so the safest bet is to just worm her. Droncit is very safe to use.

Bella: wabbit season!!!


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