I am wondering the best time to start training. I know puppy doesnt have all of their shots until 4 months old, but if you wanted to have one on one training at your home, can you do it before 4 months of age? I wasnt sure if they were responsive any younger than that. Any of your experineces would be appreciated!


Thanks :)

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Now! Lol. Young pups can learn the basics (sit, down, come) as early as you've got them. Casey learned to sit the first week/second week we had her (she was 10 weeks old) and down/stay came shortly after.

Instilling good behaviours right off the bat will make your life SO much easier in the long run. Just integrate training into everyday life. Make her sit at the door before going out, make her sit at her food dish, etc. Use her daily kibble to do short (less than 1 minute) training sessions, and make training fun (use toys, etc).
I haven't gotten my corgi yet so I can't really tell you about them but my brother recently got an australian shepherd at 8 weeks and we worked on "sit" with him as soon as they got him and he picked it up really quickly so I'd say you could definitely start with the basics right now. When he was about 10 weeks he started understanding stay and come, too.

REMEMBER! When teaching multiple tricks never do them in the same order every time or you'll notice when you get out the treats your pup will run through every trick he knows in the order he learned them, rather then knowing specific tricks for specific commands. This happens to a lot of people so watch out for it.
Yes, those basics can be done very easy at home by you! I think Carla and Monica gave you good info on it!
It's never too soon to start. I found a puppy training/socialization class that just required the puppies have at least one round of shots & a vet check (with proof). My vet really encouraged me to start immediately, especially the socialization part, so we started the week after we brought her home. And the wonderful trainer explained that waiting until they had all their shots was like trying to start working with a stubborn teenager -- a little tougher than starting when they're babies & that early socialization was really important as the puppies learn to "read" each other. Maybe you could check whether such a training class is available in your area. Having the puppies play together was great & made the first trips to the dog park and meeting other dogs on walks much easier. And the puppy classes were incredibly fun!!
They are learning all the time. You can easily teach a puppy the basics. Just make sure it is fun and in short spurts.
Oh yes! Mine start "training" the day they come home by learning things like their name, etc. I start teaching actual commands after one or two days in my house. Even an 8 week old puppy can learn. Also, a Puppy Kindergarten is perfectly safe to enroll in even if they haven't had all their shots yet, as the other puppies will all be in the same boat. Training schools go to great lengths to keep Puppy K's safe for puppies. A good Puppy K is, in my opinion, worth whatever you pay for it!! Even if you can "teach all those things at home," you will get great socialization there that you cannot recreate anywhere else.


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