As some of you know I am getting another corgi pup Aug 31 and the breeder sends us weekly pics

she is three weeks and a couple days old now and one eye is staying blue

shes a pembroke so i dont know what the blue eye means

is she deaf or blind on that side or will it turn to brown?

the breeder said that its too early to say if it will stay that way

i attached a picture of her below

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It looks to me like it will stay that way, but it should have no affect on her health. It's just a rare genetic thing that pops up once in a while, my own cardigan has a blue eye too.

Seems like it would stay that way.  Its really blue.  The eye color would already be darker if it were to turn in my opinion.  Blue Merles are usually the ones that have blue eyes.  I wonder if there is any blue in your dog's genetic line.  You may want to ask your breeder if you haven't already.

I think I've seen almost every color of corgi pop up with a blue eye once in a while, cardis and pems alike. It is not necessarily related to the blue merle color. You can read more about the genetics of it here:

It just means that he has one blue eye.  Check out our Chewie, he is a perfectly healthy Corgi.

ohh and if she ends up with a blue eye will she still be eligible to be registered with the akc

Yes she will still be registerable and make an absolutely wonderful pet, just not able to be shown.  It looks like it is going to stay blue.  This sometimes happens from two perfectly brown eyed parents.  I've had 3 pup up over the last 7 or so years, one just recently.  It doesn't affect the health in anyway, purely cosmetic.

what a lucky mom you are getting a great baby

It means he is unique and adorable.  He will always have a distinguishing feature to identify him if he's ever lost.

Shes adorable, my Frankie has a blue eye... Makes them pretty special if you ask me. Its a fault but dont tell her :-)  i wouldnt dare let Frankie know hes not perfect......

Get ready to be ask why she has two different eye colors, especially from kids.

WOW!  here I thought my pup's gray eyes were light!  that is a bright blue and very cool!  I bet it'll stay that way.

She's cute!


I love the blue eye!  And very pretty tricolor markings to go along with it!


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