We have to go out of town in October for my sisters 40th birthday.  I wish it could have been something planned in Illinois, but its not and we have ourselves a dilemma.  


I was looking on opinions on boarding our recent rescue Tucker.  We have had him six months (September 6th).  We would be gone for 2 nights and a day.   I am not sure if this would cause any issues, don't want him to change while we our gone for the two days. Would boarding him remind him of the time he spent at the shelter? 


If we do board him, we would not have any play time set up with other dogs, as we don't want him to bring home anything Lance could catch since he is dealing with immune issues. Just being at the boarding place, would that put Lance at risk for catching something from Tucker even if Tucker doesn't play with other dogs? 


My mother in law and father in law will be watching Lance since we aren't able to board Lance because of his health issues. I think one dog for them to take care of is plenty.  He will keep them busy enough just with all the bathroom breaks he needs to take with the meds he is on. 


I would prefer to bring Tucker with us, but my husband for some reason wants me to look into boarding Tucker, which he usually wants to bring him with us as well.  We are renting a house that we will be sharing with my brother and his fiance and my other brother, his wife and their 18 month old daughter. 


The only reason I can think my husband is more willing to board this time is because we will have to pay a 100.00 pet fee to bring Tucker, and that is basically what it would cost us to board him here.  I am not sure how much we will be out and about while on our trip, it may be nice to board him.  I still am not 100 percent sure what I want to do yet. We have boarded Lance once in his life, when we went to Disney three years ago, other than that he goes with us on our vacations.  Tucker also went on our family vacation this past July.  What to do, what to do, that is the question!!!  Any advice would be appreciated. 


One more note, the place we would board Tucker, if we do, is the same place we boarded Lance, so I am ok with where we are thinking of boarding him, I just am not sure if it is a good idea to board a rescue and with Lances health issues, if it is risky to have Tucker stay there and possibly bring something back to Lance?


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I know this is a ways' away for you, but I live right outside of Cedar Rapids and would be happy to keep him here in our home with us. 
Thank You Jennifer, how sweet of you to offer.  We will be going to Saugatuck, Michigan.  We are still trying to figure out what we will do.

Jennifer has a good point! I know if any of my fellow MyCorgi.com friends needed emergency housing for their pets I would extend my home.

I'm not sure of the legality of it all because there would be no money exchanged, but accidents happen... so maybe some kind of form that when signed by both parties protects the dogs, owner, and fellow corgi friend from litigation (sorry being in the med field forces me to think of Good Samaritan laws)

If possible (Sam would probably know the best) we could start a forum where people could ask for help with boarding/travel in regions. I know it might help with transfer of fostering/adopting corgis over state lines as well.

Just a thought!
Jennifer how sweet of you to extend your home to Natalie!


Where are you traveling to Natalie.
Saugatuck, Michigan
I have a woman that has a dog walking business that will stay at my house when I am gone. I found her on Craig's list and she had good references. I have been using her a little over a year with great results. At $60 a day it is less expensive than boarding and all the animals are very happy. She is able to continue her business during the day so it works out well for her too.
I also "hire" someone to stay at my home while we go. I pay much less than boarding and my dogs don't have to leave home. This woman used to be a coworker and so I "know" her. She enjoys spending time in the country! Good Luck and sorry can't awnser your other questions.
I think 2days of boarding would be fine. We usually take our corgis with us but in case we need to board them, we have 2 places. One of them is the day care our corgis go frequently. The owners are so nice. Dogs play with other dogs during the day and go to their house at night, sleep with them (not in the kennel). $35 per night for one dog. They post the pictures on their Facebook, we can commuicate with text, mail or phone all the time. If you're interested, just let me know.
Thanks for your response.  I do have a boarding place in mind, that we have used in the past, and really do like alot.  My concern is more about leaving Tucker in a boarding facility while we are gone and him thinking hes back in the shelter, I don't want to traumatize him.  The other issue we have, is worrying about Tucker bringing any illnesses back and passing it onto Lance who is dealing with immune issues at the moment.  The other issue with Tucker being boarded is we wouldn't sign him up to play with any dogs because of the above concern.  I really do need to talk to my vet, I kinda of think he isn't going to like the idea of Tucker being boarded when he doesn't even want him going to the groomers, for the reasons above.  I am thinking we are going to be taking him with us.

I understand your concerns about Tucker because I had the same worries when I first took Jeter to the boarding place,too (He was from the corgi rescue). He had a good time and luckily didn't get sick. That was not the same place I mentioned above. I just mention my doggy care place because over there doggies can stay at owner's house at night just like a sleepover party. And during the day, they can play at the really clean place with not that many dogs. 

Hopefully I don't make you bored :-)  Have a good trip !!

Sounds like a great place, I bet the dogs have a blast!!  No, you don't have to worry about boring me, I love to chat, as you can tell about my long winded posts!


Thanks for your suggestions Bev and Jane, I will keep that in mind for the future. I am so used to bringing the dogs with us when we go away, so its hard when we aren't able to bring them, which isn't often.  Unfortunately, having someone come to the house in this situation won't work as my in laws will be watching Lance at our house, unless their house closing doesn't go through then he could stay at their hosue in Illinois and we would have any empty house to keep Tucker. Yes, I know I should have Tucker stay with Lance too, but I just feel it would be too much for my in laws to watch both dogs.  I think way too much, and need to get over that some day.  For the first time this summer I let both my teenage daugthers stay with my in laws in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, that was a huge step, as they stayed an extra week longer than my husband an I, 9 hours away from us!!


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