Two week ago we noticed that our sweet girl, Boo, was having trouble passing stool, she would literally not hold her normal bathroom position, instead run around in circles and little pieces of stool would drop out. She would cry during this time too, it really is heartbreaking to watch her be in pain.

We took her to the vet, did an x-ray (all came out clear, no blockage or ingestion of foreign objects), the vet performed an enema which released her built up stool immediately. Advised us to feed her canned pumpkin & sent her home.

The pumpkin did not help, she was still backed up over the next couple days so we got a dog laxative from our vet and our vet recommended adding mineral oil directly on top of the dogs food.

We have done all these recommendations and the constipation seems to be gone but she still is circling around and kind of biting/nipping at her rear when releasing stool (which seems quite loose now after the pumpkin & mineral oil). I've called the vet and asked how long we should let this go on before we bring her back again but they don't seem to be concerned since she is releasing stool....

I assume she may be sore from the entire ordeal over the last two weeks, but I hate seeing my fur-baby in any sort of distress or pain and acting so unnatural. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?


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You could also add warm water to her food at every meal...does she drink enough? I have 3 dogs I do this to as they don't drink enough water. Has she been tested for worms? Good luck!

She drinks plenty of water and we have been monitoring it closely. I'm not sure about the worms - I assume the vet would have checked for that (it was my husband who brought her in) but I will bring that up. Thank you!

I give Abbey a fish oil tablet everyday. Not only does this cause her stool to be soft and easy to pass but it helps her coat to shine! I feel like it also helps reduce shedding, too! Shunna maybe this would help your pup. 

We already do that and it does help with the coat tremendously! Thank you for the suggestion :)

I have  never experienced that but I also give my guys a fish oil capsule every day too.  Their stool appears to be easy to pass, firm but not hard.  And yes, it sorta does help with the shedding, good coat and helps if they have dry skin.  It also has the same heart healthy benefits for the dogs as it does for humans.

This has happened to my dog since day one. She is always constipated. I tried EVERYTHING recommended by all the smart folks here and by the vet (same recommendations) and the only thing that helped at all was the switch to all wet food, plus all the other additives, oils, pumpkin, green beans, peas. Sully is not very active but I am trying to keep her moving and offer plenty of fresh water, which she doesn't drink much. * I have noticed a few things.*  After an episode of really severe constipation she may have a sore butt and/or anal gland impaction which lasts a few days to a week. If the glands do not resolve on their own you have to go to a groomer or the vet to have them extracted. The cost isn't bad at least 10-15 dollars You can try to do it on your own, but I am not up for that! It may just be that Boo is still recovering from the straining with her last bout.The constipation and straining to go are supposedly not related to the anal gland issue but one seems to lead to the other for Sully. Keeping the stools as loose as possible (still a bit hard, but no straining to go) keeps her from nipping at her rear or scooting. She has an appointment coming up but I have no idea how to resolve the problem for good. Hope Boo feels better soon.

I hope you find a solution that works for you! I know how frustrating it can be when nothing seems to be working. Boo is finally back to normal. Thank you!

After a couple days on the mineral oil, Boo is finally back to normal. Thank you all for your suggestions! I know you guys understand how "un-fun" it can be when your corgi is having trouble in any health related area.

what are you feeding her 

I'm feeding her Blue Buffalo Freedom (grain free) and supplementing with pumpkin and fish oil.

To get more water into the dog, try pouring 1/3 to 1/2 cup water over pooch's dog food. Suggested by other members of for Ruby the Ailing Corgi Pup. It works! Corgis being corgis, they'll eat food even if it has the consistency of chicken soup. Just getting a lot more liquid in might help.

Any chance this could be a sign of impacted anal glands?


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