We took Max and Katie with us to meet Brady.  It couldn't have gone better if we had planned it.  There was also a 7 month corgi in the mix, this was the dog Karen was showing Saturday.  Not one tiny bit of aggression or bad vibes from any of the 4 dogs.  It was so funny with 4 dogs on leashes getting all tangled up!

He is a total sweetheart tho I know we are in the honeymoon phase but I am making sure he is last in everything....food, treats, out/in the door...so he learns his place in the pack.  Very much a Velcro dog and I feel like the Piped Piper when I walk thru the house, a dog on either side with Brady bringing up the rear.

He had never met a cat before and the first thing he ran into when he came into the house was Oliver our black cat.  It went fine, our cats love the dogs.  Unfortunately twice Brady and Oliver startled each other going around corners and Oliver did his Halloween Cat impression so now the dog gives the cats a wide berth.  I told him that was a good idea, cats will always win.

Took him to PetSmart with me today, wanted a new collar for him and a coat for rain and snow.  He was so well behaved!  Nice to know I can take him places.  Brady likes to sl

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Aw, what a handsome boy!  Glad to hear the first stages are going so well.   It can be tough to figure out those kitty-cats!  Jack was raised with a cat and speaks "cat" very well, but Maddie was not and she ends up getting cuffed a lot for staring.  She never really learned....  

So happy for all of you!

awesome!!!! so glad to hear it went well, look forward to updates.  Congrats!!

That's great! Glad to hear it went so well!

Great news Linda.! What fun it sounds like and he is a lucky boy too.

So glad that Brady is the sweetheart that he seemed to be.  Good luck!

Beth...Max and Katie speak cat fluently and are teaching Brady.  Max can't get up fast enough any more to herd a cat but he barks and Katie does the herding.  Brady will follow Katie but as soon as the cat stops he turns around and goes the other way.  I had to laugh at him tonite, they were herding Oliver into the dinning room.  Oliver made a right to kitchen from the dinning room.  Brady turned around and head back into the living room and stayed there.  Now Max would have headed into the kitchen from the living room, he and Katie have the herding down pat.

He has settled in nicely, he now knows he is last in all things.  He waits till the other dogs have gone thru the door to go out before he goes.  He knows "back up", I asked his breeder if she had taught him that because by the 2nd day he was responding to the command.  She said she did, it's needed in the show ring to get the dogs in line but he remembered it even after not hearing it for a year.

So sad that he spent a year in a home where the people didn't understand dogs let alone a corgi.  They considered him a bad dog for being a normal dog/corgi.  He is really a mellow guy but needs to know who is in charge so he doesn't have to be.  Knowing what is expected of him has him happy and loving.

I know he will be a huge comfort to Katie when Max's time comes.  She has never been an only dog.  She went from her breeder where there were lots of other dogs to us and we already had Max when she came.

Foxy dog!!! :-)


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