Has anyone tried the new oral flea and tick med, Bravecto?

The vet says she believes it has a better safety profile than the spot-ons.  It's even approved for pregnant and lactating dogs.  It's taken once every three months and is effective for fleas AND ticks.  It would be slightly cheaper than Advantix.   She uses it on her own dogs. 

It is quite new.  I got more Advantix while I look into it.   I must admit that something other than spot-ons would appeal to me, if it works and is safe.


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Never heard of Bravecto but I give a monthly oral medication (Nexgard) to my dog that she tolerates well. I had initial misgivings, but the medicine is absorbed into their bodies either way. I worry more about it being new, but I would hope it is at least as safe as the topical treatments. The only thing that might concern me about Bravecto is the fact that it is a three month application and I am not sure how it is managed to last so long on the body, but I am not a vet. The other concern for me is what might happen if it was not well-tolerated and there was a three month dose already administered. Then again, Sully has had a few allergies so I may be more concerned than most in that respect.

i have heard a few people talk about this along with the new flea and tick collar made by bayer http://www.chewy.com/dog/seresto-flea-tick-collar-large-dogs/dp/46497 i have also been searching for a new product to keep the fleas at bay and what i found is the brewers yeast and vitamin pills work naturally to keep the fleas off and i was thinking of giving it a try. i seen on amazon they both are raved great for flea control. its worth a shot to see if it works. also cruise through google to see what u find on this new pill. it almost sounds like a better version of comfortis 

Holly makes some good points.  Did you check the Mercola sight for pets? They may have some feedback there.

We actually just tried this at the recommendation of our vet. Our Nutmeg is only six months old and this is the first flea and tick treatment we've used. We broke it up and mixed it with her food. She ate it as part of her evening meal. We kept a close eye on her for the next 24 hours. We didn't notice anything unusual and we didn't notice any of the side effects listed in the packaging.  And, most importantly, the fleas are gone and the scratching is less. And, as we live in an area where there are ticks, we feel better that she's protected.  Lastly, if you buy a 2-pack of the treatment, there's a $20 rebate offer.  But, you have to buy the 2-pack vs. 2 single doses. Good luck

Thanks Beth, I am going to ask my vet about this. We don't have to worry about fleas but due to our mild winter they are predicting a bad tick season here in MN.


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