Can anyone give me some tips on how to stop my Corgi from eating anymore of my carpet ?

My 7 month old Loki keeps eating my carpet when my back is turned. I have tried the bad tasting stuff my the pet store my vet gave me some as well also some red pepper. He just eats right thru it. When I catch him doing it i do tell him no. I have tried the startle tactic and well it is had to catch him off guard. Do anyone have any ideas? I am at a loss.


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More exercise or mental stimulation! Interactive toys! A bone or antler!
He has all that. He has bones, toys, we go to agility class once a week and a regular class for obedience once a week. We work out in the agility pen I built him in my back yard for two hours a day plus we take a walk every evening. He goes with me to work I work for my dad so he has lots of people as well as me play and giving him attention when we go to the office in the mornings. We have has him for two months now could it be he is just now starting to test his limits on what he can get away with?
Is this wall-to-wall? If not, just roll up the rug for now. If it is wall-to-wall, is he working on the same spot? Lilliput ate part of a linoleum floor when I thought she was old enough to be loose in the laundry room instead of her crate. Ha! We ended up buying an indoor-outdoor rug the same size as the laundry room and attached it to the floor with a staple gun. Clearly this wouldn't work well in a living room, but is there some way to cover it in a similar fashion? If the bad taste doesn't work, think physical barrier.
Yea it is wall to wall. He picks different spots all the time. So putting something up is not really gonna work. I do my best to keep him with me all time. The other day is a great example we were watching tv and he was chewing on him toy at my feet or so I thought he got up to get water and I saw the hole he had chewed in the carpet. He was so crafty about it. He will also destroy the bath mat as well if he gets the chance. I mean he is house broken so I let him have freedom. He rings a bell to go potty. I also change his toys out once a week so that he is not seeing the same thing. I keep have favorites down all the time but the other I add and replace. He just seems to wanna eat the carpet. I am concerned since this carpet was here when we bought the house what he is eating. I don't want him to get sick. Maybe I should take this as a sign to get that wood flooring I wanted lol.
Potus chewed carpet, so he has only earnt freedom of the full house unattended within the last year (he is almost 3). When we weren't around he was confined to the kitchen (where he ripped up the lino floor). The only bad tasting thing that worked for him was the spray used to stop dogs from licking wounds- it was stronger than any other spray deterrent. What worked for us was refocusing his attention  onto an appropriate toy when he was chewing something he shouldn't. We're not perfect though and sometimes you just had to give him a sharp 'no' or remove him from the room if he was persistent. Eventually he stopped.

If you're worried about the carpet getting wrecked maybe get a large inexpensive rug to go over it until he's a little older?


Also I know this isn't really on topic but he's really young to be doing agility for two hours a day! A lot of trainers won't even let them do jumps until they're 12-18 months to make sure their bones and joints have had proper time to develop.

He does not train for two hours. Think of it as play time with tunnels and such. We go out in the yard and run around he goes thru his tunnels plays with his outside toys and such. Rolls in the grass. Barks at the kids next store till they come pet him. I have tried the rug thing he just either pushes it up to get to his spot or he just starts a new one

The first thing I thought of - since he seems to have lots of activity in his life - is that he smells/feels/hears something under the rug.


Do you have a crawl space?  Could there be critters under the house that you don't hear?  Have you had the house checked for termites?  Do you have a basement?  Could there be water/electric lines running under the floor/the ceiling of the basement that is causing some sort of vibration/noise?


My other thought is that he likes to dig...can you put a sandbox in the yard for him to dig?  When he starts in on the carpet, take him out to his dig spot.

You say he is 7 month old and you've had him for 2 months.  It is not related to teething and he has plenty of companionship, exercise, other things to chew  and mental stimulation.  So what's left?  1) something could be in the carpet.  Unlikely because you say you've been there for years and probably have cleaned it many times, plus he is not just eating one area, he'll do it anywhere in the room and even with the bath rug.  2)  Nutritional cause.  He may have some nutrient deficiency, this can cause an appetite for weird things.  It will not hurt to get a good dog vitamin-mineral supplement and use it regularly for a few months.  If he has some deficiency it would take a bit to correct and you still would have to deal with the habit he has formed. 

3) Behavioral cause.  This may be the most likely.  Where did he spend the first 5 months of his life?  He could have acquired the preference  for chewing carpet in his upbringing.  Some people put old carpeting in whelping boxes, or in areas where they keep young puppies to give them good traction. One can make all kinds of guesses, but maybe you know more about his time before you got him. If you don't know, you may be able to find out.

Whatever the cause, you are still dealing with habit and, every time he is successful in eating carpet, makes the habit stronger and harder to break.  When you cannot supervise him closely, crate him or confine him to non carpeted areas, while you try  to figure out the rest.  Interesting case.... Good luck!



He spent the first 5 months with the breeder we got him from and there was no carpet that I saw. I did call my vet and they told me that he is in perfect health. So a vitamin issues is out. He eats a grain free food. I don't have a crawl space so that is out. My dad and I clean the carpets every two weeks or so. (my father finds it calming lol). It is not even the same carpet he is eating. He has eaten a spot in my room and a few spots in the living room. I have rugs he will eat toes too if he gets a chance. I have areas for him to dig in outside. He is not really interested in digging at the moment. It also seems he will only chew thicker carpet. He does not mess with the flooring in the bathroom or the thin carpet in the kitchen.
I would have him spend time leashed to me for a week or two when ever he is loose in the house. That would make it possible to correct him with a firm tug and a no when ever he is tempted to chew the carpet. Right now it is developing into a satisfying habit and you need to break that habit! Mean while increase his walk times, tired dogs rarely misbehave.
I agree.  Much easier to stop the habit when you can catch them and correct them at the same time.  If you are doing house work and cannot supervise him during that time, I would crate him.


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