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I can't seem to manage how to teach Pem to be nice to the kitties. She loves the cats and likes chasing them. The cats do like her back, but Pem is waaay to rough with them. She lays on them and bites them in the neck and back. This is when the kitties get a bit frustrated but can't do anything about the fatty lying on top of them.

If the biting would stop, i'm sure they would be best buds. But now is just not how it should be. Cats can't get in the house or get attacked by or third little monster.

Keeping her on a leash in the house is what rhe puppyclass trainer suggested, but that just isn't realistic, i can't watch her al the freakin time, she goes through the doggy door and plays outside and stuff like that.


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Most cats can get up on countertops and furniture, out of puppy reach. If you let nature take its course, eventually one of the cats will wallop the pup hard enough to get the message across. The risk, of course, is a cat scratch across the nose or worse, in the eye. I've never had a puppy with grown cats in the house -- when I had cats, I went the other way around: bring kittens in where a grown and very mellow dog lived.

She is very young right? You actually should be watching her all the time. Pups can get in to way to much trouble unsupervised. Hopefully one of your cats will teach her to play nice, but I would still keep an eye on it until she has proven she can be trusted. Might be a few years - lol.

What uncharacteristically patient cats.In our house,there is a very uneasy peace between out two cats & two corgis, but if the dogs even tried that stuff with them, it would be cats2, corgis nil. Given half a chance the dogs will chase but if the cats don't run away, there is no sport.

Shippo was leashed to me in the house as a puppy - he wasn't able to run off, have accidents, get into things, or torment my cat.  He never got into the habit of chasing cats, so he doesn't now.  I also let my guard down once when he was little, and he chased my last cat, who nailed him with her claws.  He never tried again.  He has a healthy respect for cats now.

I would leash her with a a very lightweight leash, and if you can't have her leashed to you, let her drag it around the house, as long as she remains in your presence.  You can then use the leash to stop/prevent her from tormenting the cats and redirect her to something else, such as a toy.

I have two cat, brother and sister.  The male is about 26 lbs and does stand his ground when Wally wanted to bother him.  My cats don't have front claw but with a good hiss, a few quick snap at the nose and the hair raised up, Wally knew not to mess with him.    Even with my sister's Boston Terrier my male cat does not budge.... he's the alpha male in the house.

But the female on the other hand, she did that for quite a while, to jump on the sofa or chairs to rest.   She knows that Wally is not allowed on furniture so that's her safe places.    Supervision would be key but I hear ya about not being able to keep an eye all the time.    I wonder how you manage at home if you're not there for a few hours.   Is he crated, fence or loose in the home?


Do your cats have claws? If so, they'll know their limit and let them take a swipe or two if that limit is reached. It took a few stripes on my corgi's nose, but, he quickly learned the boundaries and now he and the cat get along famously. Cats are savvy; they won't really "attack" -- just give enough of a swipe to get their point across. :P

There really is no reason why you cant leash her in the bouse. I start out tethering the pup to me and having them just follow me around for a few days and then having the leash dragged around so i can quickly stop a chase. The trick is to distract with a toy or treat when the dog focuses on the cats. Then never allow a chase. Once the chase has begun it is too stimulating especially for a young dog to recognize when they are being too rough. Eventually you should be able to interrupt your corgi as soon as he starts to go after the cats. They can live together in harmony but the cats have to feel safe.

I agree with Bev. I don't like the idea of biting the back of their necks...if accidently too hard your  kitties could be at risk:( We have several cats and the Corgis have learned that the cats are "off limits"  doesn't mean there isn't a chase but no mouths come in contact with the cats!

Agreed with Bev and Jane!!

My late, great German shepherd trained me to leash a young pup in the house. That and an X-pen, taken together, can restore something resembling sanity to your life. ;-)

Chasing is part of predator play. However, with a puppy it could quickly get out of control -- dogs (like cats) have a powerful prey instinct, and some animals cannot be called off once it kicks in. I would strongly discourage mouthing the cat; it not only could harm the cat, it puts the puppy at risk of a serious injury. Cats can inflict real damage.


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