My Corgi loves to lick hands, arms, & legs. Why do Corgi's (dogs) period live to lick?

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Mine likes to lick everyone's feet and hands. He'll keep licking until your feet gets wet.
Morgan is a kisser but he is also a puppy. Miranda used to be, now she only kisses when you are rubbing her. It is really funny, if she does not have anyone to kiss when you rub her, she kisses the air. She just licks at nothing cuz it feels so good.

"If you have eaten food recently, I will kiss your face
If you have lotion on your hands I will kiss your hands
If you drop food on the carpet I will kiss the ground (and your feet just because)
If you are walking away from me I will trip you so I can kiss your face"
That is basically it!
Ella is a toe licker, but will lick anything if she gets a chance. I try to keep her from licking faces because she is will still try to "gum/nibble" like a puppy. My husband shaves his head and Ella just loves getting the chance to "clean daddy's head". I've even seen her lick her toys, the floor, and furniture. She also lick her friend Bogey. I just figured it was a way to explore everything, they can't pick stuff up or talk so why not lick.
well, Pooka is a moderate kisser. But I think its cuz I WANT her to kiss me so much. I love puppy breath, but I think over the past 10 months of her life she's gotten bored with it. So mostly I just kiss her -.-
My corgis are definitely kissers--especially Hooch! He's a crazy kisser! He'll sometimes unexpectedly launch himself into someone's lap so he can thoroughly "wash" their face. He's even done this to a stranger or two. Thankfully these kiss attacks on strangers occurred at the dog park, where people are likely to understand this silly behavior. He also loves to lick toes in great depth, and if you let him he'll try to stick his tongue up your nose (ewww)! He knows the command "No lickies," but sometimes he just ignores it, and sometimes I'll be laughing too hard at his hilarious face-licking to give the command.

Honey is a more moderate about giving kisses, and just gives them on occasion. Sometimes she'll start licking my arm or leg, though, for a while. Perhaps because she likes the salt.
I've never seen Dooley lick another human besides me, so I think maybe it's an affection/ trust thing? Many times he will lick my hand or arm after I've scratched behind his ears. He is also a little nutso about a certain type of suntan oil I use. Also he is a total sucker for the ear nibble! He hops up beside me on the couch and never licks my face, but will snuffle and nibble gently on my ear. It makes me laugh every time!
They like the salts in our sweat. Domino is a licking machine. Sometimes I feel like I could skip baths cuz of all the licking she does to my legs and arms!
My Queenie is a licker... she has a foot fetish
Dogs love salty taste, you have a little sweat on your skin, they will lick it. Especially, you have sweaty feet! Simple as that!
My corgi, Geoffrey, licks feet only if they are wet. He licks my arms when I scratch him for a while too. But he doesn't do it for most other people. Very confusing dog...
my corgi has never licked me before! I kiss him all the time though but he definitely is not as kissy as everyone elses it seems....:(
I've never owned a "licker" before...I'm fairly intolerant of it. Tag, on the other hand, is an avid licker. I'll occasionally let him get away with the crook of the elbow licks and sometimes the wrist, but he'll lick the skin off the kids if they let him! My whippet licks the kids too, and she's *never* offered to even lick food off of my hands. Go figure!


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