Just got home from the vet with my guy, Tom, who has been scaring me with a phlegmy wheezy cough for a few days.  His lungs and throat were clear and OK, but there was a big pool of phlegm at the back of his throat...vet said he was reacting to dust, allergens, etc. in the air and would cough when it got too full in his throat.  Typically this happend when he way on his side or even asleep.


Anyway, he suggested I try 25 mlg og benedryl 2x a day for 3 days, then perahps only at night for another 3 nights and see if it clears up.


Anyone have any experience with this?

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I've never used it, but all I know is that 1mg per pound of body weight is pretty standard for dogs, so that sounds about right. Good luck!
I've used benedryl to try to sedate my dog to cut his nails. It didn't work for that, sadly--2 knock me cold, and he looked groggy from the same dose, but he was alert as can be when we grabbed his feet. He's a terror about his nails to the point of nearly doing himself and us harm to prevent clipping them.

But apparently it's next to impossible to overdose on benedryl, so I've heard from medical professionals. And it works just the same on humans as on dogs.
Beth is correct, up to 1mg per lb every 8 hrs, more than that your side effects is going to be more pronounced.

Please don't experiment with OTC drugs, you CAN overdose on benedryl.

The right dosage will make you sleepy, but when you overdose, it increases your heart rate, you'll become restless to the point that you cannot fall sleep. Diphenhydramine block acetylcholine receptors and increases intraocular pressure, it blurs your vision, you lose coordination.

Diphenhydramine causes dry mouth, urine retention, it is often prescribed with pepto to combat stomach ache from diarrhea in a clinical setting.
Cooper had a reaction to his shots and started swelling up like the goodyear man and the emergency vet's said give him childrens benedryl 12.5 mg grape flavor. Fortunately I didn't have to give him any because they gave him a shot of benedryl. Hope he's feeling better soon.
I used Benadryl recently for Finn when his face was swollen. The vet gave him a shot of 40mg and advised me to keep giving him 50mg every 12 hours. He weighs 39 lbs so 40mg is right. I think she told me to give him 50mg at home because she knew the tablets come in 25mg and to measure out 40mg would have been difficult. 1mg per lb is safe and like I said, we were told to give it every 12 hours so just follow your vet's instructions.
Benydryl is one of those "must have" with dogs around...I have used mine only twice when Livvy has bit bees but I always have it on hand for pups...just in case of a reaction with their shots also!
I've been giving benadryl to Didi for a couple months now. It has done wonders. I buy the solid tabs(not the geltabs). You can buy a pillcutter/crusher. Crushing the pill into food is a lot easier than forcing it down their throat every day.
My vet actually suggested I start with half of a 25 mg tab to start (Didi is 21lbs) and if that doesn't work, give her the other half, because I was worried about her being knocked out.
According to a 6 year study published today - the July 13th issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Anticholinergics Drugs commonly taken for a variety of common medical conditions including insomnia or allergies negatively affect the brain causing long term cognitive impairment.

Benedryl - AKA Diphenhydramine blocks the action of acetylcholine
Tylenol PM


As I've said many times before, OTC drugs have side effects, always consult your vet and get his approval before use.
Sam, Thanks for posting this. Our son, the human child, has allergies (daily medicine) and we keep benedryl around for those few times that we need it.
I've used it for bug bites(swollen faces) and keep it on hand for allergies to shots with puppies around. It works great for the swelling...never had to give it for a shot reaction.
Was this wheezy cough the backwards sneeze many of our dogs do? Excessive shedding or dews in the grass can cause this. I know that when mine are shedding more they tend to do this or if they eat their meals to quickly. Pinch the nose closed til they swallow and it stops. Groom and bathe will lessen this as well. The humidity and dews in the grass is making this year unbearable..but if eyes are clear and clean, he's not itchy..does he really have to be on Benadryl? I don't like to medicate whether it be OTC or prescription. Keeping in air conditioning helps and simple hosing them down does too. Every dog is different but there are things you can try and maybe figure out.
My Guinness does the reverse sneeze too, but generally if he stares up at me for too long or he gets too excited. I never thought to pinch his nose. Most times it only lasts for a few seconds, but once it lasted for about 5 minutes and I started to panic.


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