Corgi question #3: Does anyone else have a corgi that is obsessed with catching roaches? I guess many people don't live around them, but our dog loves to go out on our back deck at night and chase them down. He gets all excited like he's on a major hunting expedition. The gross thing is that he eats them when he catches them. My last dog was a golden who never even noticed insects... I guess corgis are closer to the ground so they are more attuned to the movement there!

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Eww! Haha. Vivi likes to chase bugs on the ground too, especially grasshoppers. It really freaks him out when they jump and he just has to put a stop to it or something, lol. He caught one the other day and chewed on it a little, but he didn't actually eat it.
Spider Crickets.....

Roxi LOVES them. (Charlie could care less) They infest our apartment (Have NO idea how they get in) and look like hunched over crickets and jump all over the place. They're great toys for her.

She doesn't eat them though.. sorta chews em up while catching em and then leaves dead carcasses for me to clean up :(
Orion is absolutely OBSESSED with these weird red and green cricket things. I've never seen this type of bug until this summer but about a month ago they all just appeared and they're everywhere. Orion will walk around and just eat them off the ground, alive or dead, like a vacuum. I don't like him eating bugs so I'm trying to enforce the "leave it!" command and if I pick him up and take him from his cricket-things he'll throw an absolute temper tantrum, it's hilarious.
Our pack will chase bugs when they see them. Lucky especially. He will follow them with his nose to the ground. Razz follows them for a bit, then does a frap lap, then follows them some more. Ren has graduated to flying insects. He runs around like a loon chasing them and stalks them when they land.
June bugs are great crunchy snacks for my gang. I was watching Sage following a bee today...not a good choice! Very normal for my dogs at least!
My dog tries to catch flys. He will jump up and try to catch them.
mine too, but she can never get them because she's too short.
Its ants for Killian - he Must. Have. Each. One. A dog obsessed I tell you - but very cute to watch because to be entirely honest, he's a terrible hunter.
My two year tri absolutely loves to chase lizards. Both my 5 yr fawn and the two year old tri loves to catch beetles. They play with the beetle but won't kill it but then they do that rolling thing on top of the beetle. Very strange site to see !
Sparty was stung by a bee when he was about 6 months. Ever since any flying insect makes him obsessed with catching them. Fortunately he is not allergic because he has been stung several times over the years. You would think he would avoid them by now but he doesn't!
Frosty does the herding-dog-squat-thing after spiders all the time, like he is stalking the sheep or something. Then, just when it is about to get away, he will squash it with his paw. He never usually eats bugs, saves the eating for all the grass, twigs, helicopter seeds and other vegetable items in the yard.
I've seen Jack herd a toad, but never a bug. He does like to watch ants run sometimes. I've not noticed Maddie paying much attention to bugs at all.


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