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I just have a couple new questions as Daisie is coming home soon.  I heard a rumor from another corgi owner that corgi's tempermants will change dramatically when they hit 3 years of age - has anyone heard of this?


Also, Daisie will be 9 weeks when she comes home, should I wait until she is 12 weeks :(ie had all her shots) before even taking her for a walk? I know that socialization is very important during this time, and that you shouldn't take them out at this time either - just want to make sure I lay the right foundation.



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I have had three corgis pass age three and never have seen a change in temperament. I did have a dog trainer once that specialized in training police and protection dogs and she claimed that until age three dogs do not intend to injure with their bite. I never wanted to test that theory...

I have always taken puppies on short walks at an early age, just limit their interactions with other dogs (and their feces) until all the puppy shots are done. Socialization with lots of people is a great idea at this age.

I've heard that 8 weeks is a bit early to separate a litter, that bite inhibition is learned among littermates from 8-12 weeks, that litters kept together for 12 weeks will be less "bitey".


 When corgis get to be about one.They will act like teenagers and ignore/not listen.They then again will start to listen about 18 months. You will again have your little one back BUT you do need to socialize and after more shots meeting and greeting  with other dogs is a must or puppy classes are great.If you have any friends that you know and the dogs have their shots i would start now. Corgis do need to know who is boss and have a firm but gentle leader. Like Bev said about the walking is good also. 
My corgi is almost 8 and I have not seen a change in his temperment. Socialization is extremely important! I made sure to have mine around dogs and children/people of different ages so he would be used to everyone. I LOVE that I can go to a dog park or take him around people and not have to worry about him attacking!

I can not take Bugsy past the park if there are children playing. He hears them & he *has* to be on the playground with them. If I don't hold on he will attack - with licks :p

Um, how can you not socialize a corgi puppy? Once you step out the door & pup is spotted, you are instantly surrounded!


I'm with the others - start on day 1. Mine gets along with all people & dogs. The world is his playground...

Sidney is now 3 1/2. He's always had a sweet temperment. The only change I can see is that he's lost most of the puppy exuberance and become a bit more mellow, though he'll still have spurts of puppyness :)
i cant say for sure about the age and temperment change as teddy is only 1year and 4months lol but i will also add make SURE u socialize your pup everyday! if not properly socialized you have behavioral problems and make sure they are fun and all happy ones:) especially when it comes to other dogs. when teddy was a pup he had 2bad experiences and it has taken us 4months of training for him to finally get over it
Our Chepstow was socialized from day one and has the most wonderful corgi manners, and social skills.  Tenby (rescue) had zero socialization until he can to us at 6 months.  The difference is night and day.  Tenby will never be 100% comfortable around people or dogs (other than his family) but he has come a million miles in 4 1/2 years.


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