Peanut is 10-months-old and still chewing everything in sight. Yes, he's done teething. I'm just so frustrated! I stepped out of the kitchen for 5 minutes and he chewed up baseboard. Nothing is safe (furniture, bookbags, rugs, etc). I walk him every morning for 40 minutes. He has lots of toys. I'm now having to put him in his crate during the day while I do laundry, clean the house, etc. It breaks my heart to crate him when I'm home, but he just can't be trusted. Will Peanut ever out grow this? Someone please give me some hope and/or encouragement! Thanks.

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One of our 'sweet darling' boys ate a couch, loveseat and coffee table plus anything else he could get his teeth on before he was one.  We put 2 or 3 nylabones in every room and like Bev suggested kept him close.  He learned that the bones were the "right" thing to chew on, he is 7 now and still chews nylabones a few times every day.

Always amazes to hear of dogs that will chew nylabones. Never had a dog that would touch it, even if I smeared it with butter, peanut butter, chicken fat, whatever.

Same here.   Have a chicken flavor and another one and they just stay in the bottom of the toy basket.    YES, he has a toy basket that he sometimes brings back some of his toy and picks another one.    :)

Ha ha! So does Cassie!

Nylabones have been the only thing our boys have not been able to destroy.

My girls ate my love seat, transition wall at the bottom of our stairs, corner if my box spring mattress, leg of night stand, leg of high boy dresser, curtains, carpet and dust ruffle. They are sisters and they would encourage one another. One would get behind my curtains or dust ruffle and the other in front and wrestle and nip at each other through the material. The carpet I can only attribute to their smelling the scent if our previous pup. Everything else was either boredom or teething. All of the chewing stopped right around 2 yrs. when we remodeled to replace all of the damaged items, I was praying really hard that the chewing had in fact's been a year now, and no incidents other than our girls occasionally think my small bathroom rug is a tug toy.

I don't understand why they beleive that Sour Green Apple thing works.   It did for a little bit but had to spray over and over again to keep it fresh.    They eat their own poo for crying out loud so I doubt a little sour apple would do the trick.

Have something that smells and taste like tooth paste, now that could sell.    :)

Vicky....both my guys like Nylabones.  Go figure,

Hmmm... Definitely will try one for Pup. Right now she seems to be enjoying Greenies. However, Cassie covets the things, too, and they're mighty expensive. If pup leaves a Greenie near the "fence" of her new X-pen, Cassie sneaks over and tries to fish it out through the wires!

Vinegar is a good idea, dogs don't like the smell/taste and it is safe (much safer alternative than sprays full of chemicals!)

Try rubbing some on whatever your dog usually tries to chew and see if that helps. 

I had to ban nylabones after two of our dogs broke teeth on them. I use deer antlers, they don't seem to crank on them quite as hard. The cheese in the Kong has been a favorite of of all my dogs.

He could be chewing because he's bored. Smart dogs can become destructive when their brains are not properly stimulated and they have to find their own ways of entertaining themselves. Unfortunately, that's how they entertain themselves when there's no other stimulation.

Same thing goes for high energy dogs. They need to constantly be doing something productive or they become destructive. That's why it is important to find a dog that matches your energy level.


Every now and then, at almost 2 years old, Chucky will still chew shoes if he becomes bored when I don't play with him or he doesn't get to go outside. And he's a medium to low energy corgi so, I can't blame him, only myself when he chews shoes because it's my fault for not giving hime the proper attention or stimulation he needs.


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