I need a little help here. I brought Grover to the doggy daycare today and on the way home I noticed that he had some discharge from his left eye. The other eye looked fine. He gets some discharge anyway, sometimes, but it usually just appears to be normal eye boogers. But when I got Grove home today, I noticed that the white part of that eye seems a little red. Well later this evening noticed him trying to scratch at it with his front paw. I took a warm, damp paper towel and gently wiped it out. Just a some mucus-y looking stuff. I couldn't see anything in it. I'm worried that maybe he got hurt playing or something today at doggy daycare. What should I do? He's sleeping now and seems fine, but his eye is a little crusty in the corners. Poor guy, he loves day care! But I'm not going to take him anymore if he gets hurt! I wonder if it could be pink eye, but the other eye seems fine and I didn't notice anything this morning. What do you guys think?

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I'm thinking I'll take him to the vet tomorrow if I can get an appointment but it might be Saturday before I can get him in! Is that too long to wait to have it looked at?
We had something like this happen with our GSD Bailey. It turns out that some dirt or something got in her eye. But the vet put this green stuff on her eye to see if it had scratches. Luckily her cornea wasn't harmed and we were given eye drops and it was a matter of a couple days before it looked a lot better.
Sounds like pink eye to me, usually starts in one eye. It is not a big deal to wait, only if he is incessantly scratching it, then he can really hurt himself or, like Eddy did, create some scar tissue around the lids. If you have to wait so long you may want to get some saline solution for the time being.
Sounds like possible pink eye to me too. It's easily transmitted by kids and I bet just as easily transmitted dog to dog!
Got a pic? in the mean time, get a bottle of pure saline water and squirt clean the area, don't use regular contact lense solution.
Thanks guys! It does look a little better today, but I will probably take him in tomorrow just to be on the safe side. I got some saline solutions at Walgreens today and I cleaned it. It has just a little discharge today and doesn't look as red. I can't get him to hold still long enough for a good picture of it. But now it doesn't seem as noticeable anyway. I appreciate the advice, it eased my mind a bit, for sure!!
Sam, is there a reason not to use contact solution? It's what I use when humans have something in the eye. Not OK for dogs?

Hi Julia, there are many solutions on the market, some are called multi-purpose solution, it's for rinsing, disinfecting, cleaning and storing the lenses. Depending on the brand, some may contain peroxide, thiomersal, benzalkonium chloride, benzyl alcohol, and other compounds.

Pure saline solution is mainly for rinsing / washing only :)
Bear had conjunctivitis when he was about 4 months old. It started with some bigger than normal eye boogers and then I came home one day to what I called Siamese Puppy - he couldn't hardly open his eyes and the light was obviously distressing to him. I took him to the vet and got the meds, he was better in two days.
We had a bout of this over the summer. Conjunctivitis passed back in forth between our three until I had all three on drops from the vet which cleared it up. Reminded me of when my kids were young!
We just went through this with Edward and Gem...conjunctivitis was what was diagnosed at the vet.. He did the corneal abrasion test with the lights off and the drops too!! Make sure you don't use any kind of cortisone based ointment or drops until you Get him checked for abrasions.... it can do permanent damage to the eye if there is a scratch or wound according to my vet. Anyway, it seems to have cleared up within about 4 or 5days. It's always something isn't it?????
No worries, its is probably just pink eye. Cooper had it, and the vet gave us some eye drops. It cleared up in no time :)


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