Does my corgi looks like a full breed pembroke?

Our Corgi's name is Ein, he's 7 1/2 months old. This morning my boyfriend and I realized that his legs are really long for a corgi. Last week I saw a full grown corgi that is shorter. He is also able to jump on high things, over 3 ft high. He loves to jump up to our bed with no problem and jumping off it. I was wondering if anyone can help me figure this out. We still love him no matter what but we would like to know if the breeder that we got him from lied to us or not. Any thoughts would be much appreciated =)

Thank you all for the responses.

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My 1st question would be how high is he from the shoulder to the floor? corgis should run 10-12 inches and I'm sure there are some that have a little difference. He definately looks like a corgis but he does look like his legs are rather long! How long are his legs from the body to the floor? I will have to measure mine again but I think they are around 6"...but I'm not sure. He's a very handsome young man! My dogs can jump almost straight up unto a picnic table so the jumping is nothing abnormal for a corgi!
I'll have to measure him when I get a measuring tape. I'm glad to know the jumping thing is normal. He loves to see what we're doing all the time especially when his dad is making a sandwich in the kitchen. He'll stand up and he'll reach the kitchen counter.
Your Ein does look a little long & slender to me -- looks like an ideal dog physique to me. I sometimes wish my dogs had somewhat longer legs... but then I catch myself, just in time. You're never gonna be able to keep up with him. Count your blessings.
They come in all shapes & sizes. You take 'em for what they are, not what you wish they were or think they oughta be. Just like people.
Lessee, Al's just a wee bit over 12" at the shoulders.

Where'd you get that blue mesh harness? Looks interesting.
Yes he is very slender.. at one point we thought he was sick cuz he wouldn't get any bigger hehe.. but he is normal size.. last time we weight him, he was about 20 pounds at about 6 months.

we got the harness for when we just got him.. he was having trouble with having a collar around his neck and we didn't want to pull him on it, which he eventually grew out of it and now is now fine with a collar =). we got it from a pet store here in town call pet warehouse.. but i'm sure u can get it from any other pet store in the leash section.
He looks purebred to me, just a little bit unusually lanky! That's not a bad thing, though--he's darling! Corgis do seem to have a wide range of physiques. My little Hooch is built kind of like a brick, haha, and with a shorter back than most corgis. Of course, he came from a puppy mill so I doubt the breeding they were doing there had much consideration to it. And both of my corgis are atypically small, at around twenty pounds each as full adults. Corgis can be different from one another, even purebreds! I think your Ein is totally adorable, and he looks like he has a funny personality. ;)
If you look at the pictures of the "old time" corgis (1920's&30's) they are built more like your pup. My Sparty is a little like that too. They are just throwbacks but still very corgi!
Yes, indeed. He reminds me the picture I saw on the web about Queen's first corgi back when she was 18. The corgis had longer legs back then. See below:

Wow, fun to see these pics! They sure do look like their legs are longer!
This is one of the dorgis -- dachshund x corgi
I concur with Bev; he looks like the older Corgis you see in pics, and some of the "farm" Corgis still have that look today: shorter coat, a bit longer leg, a little leaner look.
By the way, at that age they can be really growthy and awkward. Here's Jack at 6 or 7 months:

And here he is now:

His legs might be a little long, but to me it looks like he's just not very fluffy at this point. If he's only 7 1/2 months old, he probably hasn't gotten his full coat yet, so he'll get fluffier. Dax looks like he has really short legs, but if you lift up the fluff, they're longer than you might think (he's not a fluffy, he just has a lot of fur). :) His chest/fur fluffs out to around his knees (or elbows, whatever you want to call them), so that may be why his legs look so short compared to a shorter coated corgi. Then again, your boy may just have some long legs...


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