When Marlee gets scared she literally  jumps in my lap so I can "save her".  She will even run from the opposite end of the house to find me. The latest thing that scared her was an umbrella. My son opened one inside the house on a rainy day. It was the first time she had seen one in the full opened position. She ran up, jumped in my lap almost knocking the computer off. She doesn't run when my son brings the scary things for her to sniff. She just hangs on tighter. She might even stick her nose out for a quick sniff. She isn't usually a scaredy cat, but once she is I have a lap leach. The dogs I had previously would run under the bed or just run away from the offending object, but they never viewed me as their savior.   Is this common to corgis, or just to Marlee?  Does anyone else ever have experiences like this?

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max is pretty much ok with things.Molly's eyes get all big and she either finds alap or gets in bwtween us.
That is a great trait! Sparty and Izzy do it but my other corgi, Buffy, would take off in the other direction to hide. If they are with you it is a lot safer! Sparty tries to get behind us when we are driving and run over a rumble strip. My husband likes to joke that Sparty is saying "here take them first!"
I agree with Bev...it's much better to have them run to you instead away from you! Mine don't do this very often but they do come close to me but only one jumps in my lap.
Griffyn does this at the first sign of a thunderstorm, he comes running from where ever he is!!
When there is a thunderstorm, Noodles will run to me and end up on my lap. He just sits there shaking. He doesn't like wind, so if it is windy outside (we live in Oregon, of course it gets windy...poor guy) and we are outside, I have to make sure he is on his leash or else he just darts to try and get away from the wind. If we are in the house and he gets scared from the wind, he will run and hide underneath our bed. Underneath our bed has always been his security place because you can't reach him when he is under there. He will stay there until he feels safe even if you try and call him to come out.
during our last thunderstorm (almost a daily event here in Naples Fl) I discovered if I put the towel ( I usually keep on my lap to absorb Griffyns drips from panting) over his head.... he immediately stopped shaking and panting and actually fell asleep in my lap. Now I don't know if that was a fluke.... but I'm going to try it again during the next storm to see if it helps again. Maybe that will help Noodles too??
Stanley gets scared of the vacuum sometimes (depends on his mood, sometimes he tries to attack it). So when Robin's vacuuming and I'm sitting on the couch, Stanley runs and hops up in my lap as quickly as he can - all 33 lbs. of him! Ouch!
Jack comes in my lap if he gets worried by something. He doesn't need to be scared, necessarily, but if something upsets him (raised voices, people doing things that don't make sense) he climbs right up in my lap. He's not much of a lap dog otherwise.
Chepstow is the same way, scared, worried, or upset (if we raise our voice at his crazy tri brother) he is in my lap.
Tenby on the other hand never seems concerned about much.
Mira doesn't do this, but my 3yo aussie Shadow does. He's about 50 lbs, and all legs! (So it hurts..)
I'm thinking Mira will turn into more of a "Hey, this is scary-- I bet I can kill it!!" kind of a dog lol.
The first time Misty (before the dobe came to live with us) was over after I got our two cats (rescues) one of them was scared and went after her growling. Misty, the big doberman, raced into the kitchen where I was and tried to hide behind me. I should add that the cat is all 4 paws declawed and weighs about 8 lbs to Misty's 75. I am glad she did not try to jump on me! She gets along fine with the cats now that they figured out what a whus she is.
Mine are lap glue if they are frightened.

Granted, they are lap glue regardless. lol


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