I figured the head line would grab people's attention. I know deep inside Noodles there is a human, but I'm beginning to think there is cat in him as well. He can be wide awake, but once you start rubbing his belly or right behind his ears, it is like he starts purring like a cat. I guess it would be more of a snore since he is a dog, but it is too funny. If you stop, he will stop making his purring sound. I was curious to know if other corgi's do the same thing. I think it is adorable.

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I do think corgis are very cat like! Mine do not purr but they wash their feet and faces and bat balls around.
Sonny doen't pur, but makes some kind of "trilling" sound, I cannot describe it. Like Noodles, it is really cute.
I call it trilling and churping as well :) Charlie does this more when he just wakes up and stretches out.
No purs here....but Ollie "honks" when he needs to go outside...it's pretty funny.
That's too funny--we were wondering if we had the only corgi that purred! We have 2 corgi rescues, Fred and Betsy. We've had Betsy 9 months and Fred for 2. Betsy doesn't make very many sounds (except barking at various decibel levels!) but Fred makes lots of noises, one of which sounds like very loud purring. We first though he was growling and were actually somewhat concerned, but the noise never matched his other body cues or demeanor (e.g., he makes it when he's getting his tummy rubbed, one of his most favorite activities). He makes the same low, rumbling noise when my husband gets home and greets him, and when the kids give him lots of attention. If we imitate those noises ourselves, he'll copy us. He's a big, goofy teddy-bear of a corgi, and I guess his rumbling is just another one of his many quirks. I should try to make a video, and you can tell me if it sounds like Noodles. :-)
Two out of my three consecutive corgies have "purred". It has been on the edge of hearing/feeling, so maybe the third was just too subtle for me to notice. She was also the one who, when walking in a group, strove to keep everyone bunched up instead of spreading out. The two males have been more concerned with leading the pack. Corgies are strange little dogs!
I don't know if it is purring, but Yoda sort of snores when he is really comfortable, yet he is wide awake. It is kind of weird!
All 3 of mine "talk" but Tom, the oldest dog, definitely does somehting like purring when he's petted or fussed over or gets affection. It's not very quiet but a low pitched aaahhh sort of noise and sometimes gets really loud if you keep petting him. I think it could easily be mistaken for growling by non-corgi people. This dog also sighs and sort of groans during the night!
Our Joey really does growl/purrr, especially when our daughter starts loving on him. His noise is actually a snarl, but his tail is wagging and he wants more loves. He also has a quieter what I call his "happy" noise, something like a snore and he does that whenever we scratch his ears, scratch his belly or just plain love on him. All our Corgis have the quieter "happy" sound, Joey is the only one who also snarls when getting loves. Scares people, especially kids. Maybe I can get it on video one of these days, see if any of you also have Corgis who makes the snarling noise.
Kathy, that sounds just like Fred (as I described above). Fred absolutely lives for belly rubs and loving of all kinds. His purr not only sounds like a growl/snarl, but many times he actually wrinkles up his snout and shows his teeth. This is all while he's completely relaxed, usually on his back, and often in such a state of bliss that his eyes are rolling back in his head. We're totally used to it, but it has startled more than one person that he's approached for tummy rubs. I'll definitely try to take a video someday soon and post it so you can see if it sounds like Joey! Oh, and we can get Fred to copy a range of different sounds, back and forth with us like follow-the-leader. Aren't corgis weird, LOL? (I say that in the most positive way....:-)).
Absolutely! Joey DOES show his teeth, like mad snarling but his body position is absolute opposite to his noises. His tail wags, and he wants more of what you are giving. It really does scare people and they leave him alone but that is just as well...better to be safe than sorry...


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