Okay, so my Pembroke Foxy seriously thinks that she is human. I read all about the common characteristics of Corgis a lot and she clearly isn't normal. She is very sweet and playful sometimes, but the majority of the time shes hanging out with my boyfriend and I or watching TV. She doesn't like to go outside, she gets an attitude when we arent giving her ALL of the attention, she even makes this howl like noise if we take a break from rubbing or petting her. She is spoiled. When we have company (depending on who it is) she will pretty much roll her eyes and go to the bedroom until they leave. Like we are SO WRONG for having company over! It is CLEARLY noticable, because our friends call her anti-social lol. My parents even say that they have NEVER seen a dog act like Foxy.

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Does she suffer from separatin anxiety?
I imagine she feels very disstressed when you're gone.
You might want to get her used to be by herself even though you're at home. That way she'll be less needy and the attentino will be like a great thing instead of a normal thing.
I don't think so because even when we are there, she sometimes just goes to get under the bed (her favorite spot). She will stay there for a while, then she will come out any basically chill with us. Just like a little person. And its like she knows when she should be able to leave with us. In the mornings before work she never tries to go with either of us, but on the weekends she tries to go everytime we leave the house? Its so wierd. Like how would she know?
she probably knows by the time you wake up. In my case it's very different. The alarm goes off at 6 and he's right there by the bed patiently waiting for me to get up. On the weekends though, he won't bother until I start moving around and waking up.
Dogs are crreatures of habit and routine. I think it's cute :)
You could enlist your friends. Ask them to play with her, give treats and attention etc.
They do! They all love her as well. She just picks and chooses who she wants to play with or even who she will take treats from, lol. I swear its crazy. We test her all of the time. She will take a treat from one person, but if there is someone else there and they try to give it to her she won't even take it! Foxy gets ALL of the attention from everybody! Maybe she is too spoiled, she does think that she runs the place. I honestly didnt think you could spoil a dog like this??? And I want another pembroke puppy, but I am soooo scared that Foxy will be jealous and won't like it. She has NEVER been aggressive towards anyone or any other animal, but I don't know how she will respond to not being the only child.
Actually I think being opinionated may be a corgi trait! they do like to be in charge.
I am sure Morgan knows he is a dog, but he damands all the rights and priveledges of a human on a regular basis. He has been known to steal food of of your plate, to sleep in our bed (when we are or are not in it), and if he is not on OUR bed he is on the couch. He has 3 other dog beds to choose from and his crate, but no. Anything we have is better than what he has been given. I doubt he thinks he is human because he is sooo much smarter than us. I dont think he would group himself into our species, LOL

I think he humors us as odd pets that obey his every whim. He whines and we open the door. He sits by his food bowl and we feed him. If he wants to play he will lay on top of your laptop, drool on your arm, chew the corner of your book, etc. If you cannot tell we are well trained pets, and he is a demanding little owner!
Ok so I dont feel so bad then. Foxy is VERY demanding. She has us trained as well. I guess I was confused, she dosen't think shes human, but she does think what we are HER pets! SMH! This is crazy! She never really whines to go outside, because she doesnt like going outside, but she will nudge our hands to make us rub her. So what do you think about the new puppy situation? I really want another one, but idk how Foxy will react.
I recommend obedience classes before you get another. As cute as they are when they tell you what to do, it is important that you are the leader especially when there is more than one.
I bet he'd use his beds if you slept in them :))
Shiro tried to train me like that, but it only works in 2 cases:
I'll give him food off the table because he usually sits all nicely without whining or just laying down, rady to open his mouth.
I'll toss the ball or play tug when he brings me a toy. I think this one is really cute and one of the rare moments when I know exactly what he wants (well he does want chicken all the time but it doesn't count).
I would agree with Bev that being opinionated IS a corgi trait! Many times you will also hear when they talk about the breed that "Corgis have it figured out before you do"!
I absolutely agree that corgis are very opinionated and very smart! Our corgis are very spoiled and have us very well trained to answer to their every whim. But they are my babies and I would'nt have it any other way.


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