I mentioned this in another post, and am curious about people's experiences.

Jack (as I've mentioned) is our 2.5 year old male Corgi who we've had since a pup.

From the time he was just a little guy, if you yell "Ow!' (say you stub your toe, or clunk your head), Jack comes running and tries to jump up and lick you. And if Madison, our other dog, reverse sneezes, Jack comes running over to check it out and looks very upset.

Maddie is nearly five and has only been here just over a month, so admittedly she's probably not as bonded to us yet. Well, if someone hurts himself, Maddie... could care less. For example:

The other day I was upstairs and my husband banged his knee into the corner of the cabinet. Well, you know how much that hurts. I went trotting downstairs to see what was up, and there is Jack, hovering around him, asking if he can get anything (maybe some ice, or a Band-aid?), or help out in any way. Worried look, furrowed brow, all out of sorts till I finally said "Shawn, please let the dog know you're ok!"

And Maddie? Was lying in her crate, thinking maybe someone would come around and give her a treat later.

The funny thing is, Maddie is the lap dog/cuddler and Jack is the one who doesn't usually like to be petted. Moreover, I was always under the impression (apparently wrong) that the females are more sensitive.

Just wonder what other people's Corgis are like.

Jack would definitely try to pull Timmy out of the well, then bring him tea and cookies and a nice comfy blanket.

Maddie? Not so much.

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By the way, I'm not criticizing Maddie! She is lovely and sweet in her own way, and very affectionate. Just doesn't know what "Ow" means.
Wynn is my sensitive one and it bothers him when the other dogs are being naughty! He is also the one that doesn't like some people(rarely) but if he doesn't I know it!! Bella has become such a beautiful young lady/mom. I can't believe how she has changed and is becoming more sensitive. my other 3 are lovers and cuddlers but much more out for themselves! Livvy flies on your lap for attention and then she's off and running. Wiley is very sweet and Rainy is very needy but getting better!
Sparty is exactly the same! He is all over you if you're hurt. I have fallen before while walking and he then whines and is attached to me for the rest of the walk. Izzy and Misty are totally disinterested. My friend walked them one time in the winter with her golden retriever. She slipped and fell flat on her back and Sparty jumped on her and started licking her face while Buffy(at that time) and her dog waited patiently at the end of their leashes for her to get up. Sparty is just really sensitive. He runs to tell me my cell phone is ringing in my purse , he used to bark when you sneezed, and although he is not a major cuddler if you are sick in bed he never leaves your side. Maybe because he is top dog he thinks he has to be in on everything!
You know, when we were picking out Jack, we originally wanted a female and the breeder talked us into a male for a lot of reasons. One of the things she said is that with this breed, with the males it's "What can I do for you?" and with the females it's "What have you done for me lately?" At the time part of me sort of thought it was just that she had more males and was trying to steer me in that direction. But when we were talking to her about getting Maddie or a female pup and she knew we already had a male and would definitely take a girl, she said all the same things about males vs females, and I gotta say that most of it seems true.

Sure, every dog is different and any individual might have a certain personality that doesn't meet the norm, but I have to say that it seems to be so!
That does seem true with the dogs I have had!
LOL...the variation I heard from a breeder was that females look up at you and say "Love me, love me, love me" while boys look up at you and say "I love you."
LOL, that's definitely true with our two. Maddie absolutely demands attention. She'll paw at you or push you with her nose to be petted; I always ignore her til she sits nicely, but she sure is pushy! I told her she has all the manners of a very rude goat. LOL
Seanna gets very upset when someone is crying or mad...will come sit on their lap and lick their face, with her head tilted like she's trying to ask what's wrong. Otherwise, she isn't a snuggly dog either--will occasionally come sit with you, but it's always on her terms, or you have food.
I'm cracking up that you brought up Timmy in the well - at our house, Timmy in the well is one of Bear's favorite games! I curl up in a ball on the couch or floor and I cry "Help Me BEar, Help ME!" He comes racing over and starts digging at the blanket until I am uncovered and then kisses my face like crazy.

We always joke that he would make a great rescue dog! LOL
That is a fun sounding game! I will have to try it.
We had Keke when she was 8 wks old. Since then me and her spend like 24/7 together till now she is almost 10 mths old. She know when I am faking and when is the real thing. When I am pretending, she look at me as if I am a idiot :( but will coming running if it is the real "Ow". Of course if I got treat in my hand, she probably will keep me entertain for a while.
Soffie is our sensitive/intuitive one. She wants to lay with me when I'm curled up in a ball with a migraine. And if I've closed the door she lays right outside it waiting till I come out. She knows if I'm upset about anything. And she is a comforter if I'm crying about something. But..... she is not a cuddler! And once she knows I'm ok, she's off to take care of her own things.

Griffyn, is moreor a la di da boy. But...... he is the cuddler!! He let's Soffie be the herder/worrier. And he happily gives/takes the kisses and cuddles!


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