It was hot here yesterday and I decided to buy a new swimming pool on the way home! I put my 4 month old Sage in it and after the 1st time  she now is climbing in and loving the water! She's never had a bath so I don't know if she'll like that but a pool is the greatest!

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So cute! I have never tried a pool but mine love to go in the water at the beach or a pond that we go to. It is great for cooling them off but I don't think it translates to loving baths. Mine tolerate those because I give them treats!
Mine love a kiddie pool, or a natural body of water, but they both hate baths!
Penny would live in her pool if I let her...she LOVES it! She loves to SWIM and the minute she is by a lake/pond whatever she jumps right in!
Mine loves water! We have a koi pond and in the summer it is impossible to keep him out of it!
I just noticed that Sage likes the big water bowl we have outside also...she just walked through it about 5 times! Maybe to cool off those feet?
awww thats so very cute!! teddy a first didnt like the water but after we took him to the beach and let the water splash on him, he now just dives in the water (with his leach on of course) lol
I really want to see if Callie would like a Kiddie pool, but I live in an apartment so me getting one is not going to happen for awhile. She hates baths, is scared of waves on a lake, and doesn't like being sprayed by water so she doesn't really seem to like water that much. I still want to see what she would think of a kiddie pool, who knows maybe she'd love it!
Both of mine love the water. I fill up the corgi pool and Cooper won't stay out of it. Radar prefers being squirted by the hose. They both run to the faucet and look at me to turn it on.
Algy HATED the pool and the kiddie pool we got for him, but LOVED the Niagara River. Go figure. I think he would have liked the pools better if he could easily get in and out of them.

Rainy - well, that remains to be seen. We will give her the opportunity to swim this summer. I hope she likes it! It's great exercise and a great way to cool off! Maybe, if all the cool kids are doing it...

Have to add...Sage sure is a cutie - with that beauty-ful tail!
@ Joanna...we'll see what the AKC says about the tail when we start classes the beginning of June!
I think they should say a fat lot of nothing. She's perfect!
@ Joanna, the vet in Chicago was impressed that I let their tails and said I was a good breeder! That made me happy!


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